Paul Ricks - Inventor of the Ricks Beading Loom

While I have spent the largest part of my adult life as a police officer, I have also been involved in arts and crafts most of my life. First starting with a woodworking, eventually trying out cross stitching, beading and much more.

One technique eluded me however, and that technique was looming. Instead of taking the traditional route of taking lessons on "how to loom" or buying books or searching the internet, I thought "how tough could this be?" I first purchased a very inexpensive wire loom, followed the instructions and made my first project. I felt I must have been doing something wrong, because when my project was finished, I had all these threads hanging down on each end of my project. Surely this couldn't be right! I purchased a loom that was a bit more expensive, with the same result, all those threads! I must be a slow learner, because I then purchased a much more expensive loom and confidently began my first project on that beauty. When I waded through the set up and warping instructions, I knew that I was doomed, once again, to dealing with all those threads! I knew there had to be a better way.

I returned to one of first loves, woodworking, and stood staring at an oak board laying on my workbench all summer long trying to figure out to loom without all those warp threads hanging down at the end. One night as I lay sleeping about three o'clock in the morning, I sat straight up in bed - I knew what that "better way" was and how to do it. I jumped out of bed and quickly drew a sketch of how to loom without all threads being left over at the end. The next day, The Ricks Beading Loom was born.

Looming is now my passion, my favorite technique. Of course, I still do many projects using other off-loom techniques, but looming is so fast and easy now, using The Ricks Beading Loom. Without having to deal with all those threads at the end you can do many things that aren't possible with traditional looms.

Paul Ricks