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Brilliant, bright and full of sparkle, Prazana™ Lab-Grown Diamonds are the ultimate fusion of beauty and science™. These luxurious lab-grown gemstones are actual diamonds with the same optical, physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds. Expertly set in 14k yellow, white and rose gold, JTV’s selection of lab-grown diamonds has something for every occasion from engagement rings and anniversary bands to necklaces and stud earrings. Symbolic of commitment and everlasting love, Prazana™ Lab-Grown Diamonds are the epitome of luxury, elegance and glamour. 

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Lab-grown diamonds are chemically, optically, and physically the same as mined diamonds, grown beneath the Earth’s surface—placing them among the world’s most coveted and celebrated gemstones. These extraordinary and exceptional gems are created to have the same color and clarity as a top tier mined diamond. You can buy with confidence knowing JTV’s Prazana™ Lab-Grown Diamonds are of fine quality and competitively priced.

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