How to Use Memory Wire End Caps

Published January 2013
Content Supplied by Beadalon

Use Memory Wire End Caps

Finish off Remembrance Memory Wire designs with End Caps for a professional, polished finish. End Caps are open on one side and are available in a variety of shapes in either silver or gold plate, a perfect complement for any Remembrance and Plated Steel Memory Wire design.

Tip: To add strength to any glue joint, use sandpaper on the end of the Memory Wire before gluing.

How to:

1.Add a drop of Beadalon BeadFix adhesive to the end of the Memory Wire.

2.Carefully slide an End Cap onto the wire so that it adheres to the wire.

3.Add another drop of BeadFix adhesive to where the End Cap meets the wire.

4.Slide the first bead of your design flush against the End Cap until they are glued together. Add the remaining beads and repeat the above steps on the other end of the wire. Allow 24 hours of drying time for maximum bonding.