How to Make the Ancient Modern Necklace

Published December 2012
Designed By Katie Hacker / Content Supplied by Beadalon

Ancient Modern Necklace


Crimping, Stringing

Materials & Tools:

6 14mm turquoise nugget beads
16" strand of turquoise chips
12 6mm round Black Onyx Beads
12 6mm antique silver ring spacer beads
12 22mm antique silver spiral beading cones
35" length of .018" diameter Beadalon 19 beading wire
11" length of diameter Black Rubber Tubing
2 silver #1 Crimp Beads
Stopper bead or similar
Wire Nipper
Crimping Tool

How To:

1. Cut the Rubber Tubing into approximately 1/8" long pieces to resemble heishi beads.

2. Attach a stopper bead (or similar) 3" from the end of the Beadalon 19.

3. Pass the wire through a Crimp Bead (don't crimp it yet).

4. Pass the wire through 2 ½" of alternating Rubber Tubing heishi beads and turquoise chips.

5. Pass the wire through the following: narrow end of beading cone, black onyx, silver spacer, turquoise nugget, silver spacer, black onyx, wide end of beading cone.

6. Repeat Steps 4-5 five more times.

7. Pass the wire through a Crimp Bead (don't crimp it yet).

8. Remove the stopper bead from the beginning of the necklace and pass the end of the necklace through the beginning Crimp Bead to form the continuous necklace loop.

9. Pass the beginning wire end through the last section of beads and through the other crimp bead. (This helps strengthen the continuous necklace by spreading out the tension.)