How to Make a Crystal Ladder Bracelet

Published January 2013
Designed By Margot Potter / Content Supplied by Beadalon

Crystal Ladder Bracelet



Materials & Tools

3 ft. (60.96cm) length - Beadalon 19 Strand solid .925 sterling silver .024 in. jewelry wire
21 - 12x8mm Swarovski crystal A/B barrel beads
14 - 4mm Swarovski olivine bicone beads
14 - 4mm Swarovski Indian sapphire bicone beads
12 - 4mm Swarovski padparascha satin bicone beads
4 - Sterling silver EZ-Crimp™ ends, bright finish
2 - 8mm Heavy duty, twisted square wire jump rings, silver plating
1 - 15mm swivel lobster clasp, silver plated
Designer Mighty Crimper
Designer Ergo Chain Nose Pliers
Designer Ergo Flush Cutter


Basic ladder stitch grows up with new Beadalon .925 sterling silver wire and Swarovski crystal beads in a gorgeous bracelet. Once you master this classic beading technique as modified by bead guru Carole Rodgers, this design is a breeze to create and looks like a small fortune when you wrap it around your wrist!

How To:

1.Cut a 3 ft. (60.96cm) length of Beadalon 19-strand solid .925 sterling silver beading wire.

2. Thread the wire through each end of an crystal barrel bead. Leave an inch of exposed wire at the end for finishing.

3. Thread an olivine bicone on each end of wire, thread wires through opposite ends of a second barrel bead. Adjust the wire as you work to maintain some tension and create loops on each side that are of equal length. The bracelet should be somewhat flexible but sturdy when constructed. Do not rush this design. The key is to be sure that the design is not too stiff before you finish it.

4.Continue along the ladder, adding beads in the following pattern:2 Indian sapphires, barrel, 2 padparaschas, barrel, 2 olivines, barrel. Repeat this pattern until you end on 2 Indian sapphires and a final barrel.

5.Thread the end wires into EZ-Crimp ends, using chain nose pliers to pull wire somewhat snug to the end of the final barrel bead. The crimp ends should face shiny side up.

6.Use the Mighty Crimp Tool to flatten the tubes of the EZ-Crimp ends, working the entire length of the tube and testing to be sure that it is secure.

7. Cut the loop of wire on the other side in the center. Attach the EZ-Crimp ends as in step 6.

8. Thread the EZ-Crimp ends on one side onto a jump ring. Secure the jump ring closed. Repeat, adding a swivel lobster clasp on the ring for the second side.