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How To Make Elegant Bracelets

Join Dale "Cougar" Armstrong as she shows how to create an elegant Chevron Bracelet, a beautiful Victorian Bangle, and her Anything Cocktail Bracelet.

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How To Make Convertible Brooches

Dale twists wire and adds gemstones or pearls to create fanciful pins that can be converted into pieces of jewelry for your neck, your earlobes... even for your hair!

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JTV Rock Star Designer

Aspiring designers from across the country put their jewelry-making skills to the test during weekly challenges for the title of Rock Star Designer and the chance to design and sell their own exclusive jewelry collection on JTV. Follow along and get a firsthand look as we captured the highs and lows of creating jewelry under pressure and under the watchful eyes of our expert judges.

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The Gemstone Journey

The cornerstone of a fine jewelry design, a sparkling faceted gem, is actually the symbolic end to an epic journey.

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The Diamond Story

Beautiful, timeless and mysterious…diamonds are the celebrity of the gem world.

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Ten Exotic & Phenomenal Gems

Far beyond today’s most popular gemstones, these extraordinary luxuries present a kaleidoscope of color, shape and composition.

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The Tanzanite Story

Celebrate the radiant beauty of tanzanite with rich, velvety blue and purple hues!

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The Story of Rewa Okan - Agodi Rubellite

Discovered in a dry alluvial river bed in the far reaches of Nigeria, the Rewa Okan was one of the largest rubellite tourmaline crystals ever found.

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Three Precious Gems: Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires

Discover the rich history of rubies, emeralds and sapphires, and gain valuable insight into today's mining, cutting and grading techniques.

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