How to Make a Goldfinch Garden Necklace

Published January 2013
Designed By Fernando DaSilva / Content Supplied by Beadalon

Goldfinch Garden Necklace


Bead Stringing

Materials & Tools

12 6mm crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ beads
12 6mm white alabaster CRYSTALLIZED™ round beads
20 6mm jonquil ab CRYSTALLIZED™ bicone beads
14 8mm crystal cosmojet CRYSTALLIZED beads
2 white bone carved flowers
2 silver plated 9mm pinch bail pendant
1 pr silver plated diamond duet clasp
2 silver plated cone ends
116 #1 silver plated crimp tubes
2ft silver plated 24 gauge German style wire
2 4mm silver plated jump rings
Chain nose pliers
Flush cutters
Round nose pliers
Standard crimper tool

How to:

1.Cut stringing wire in 5 pieces of 18 inches.

2.Feed one #2 crimp tube onto wire and bring wire back through tube again forming a small loop. Hold in place keeping both strand side by side then crimp using crimper tool. Trim excess wire.

3.Randomly begin creating individual beaded strands using all the color of beads available. Follow example below as a template and create all the next strands based on your desired color combination.
Crimp tube + clear crystal + crimp tube + crimp tube + cosmojet + crimp tube + crimp tube + jonquil ab + crimp tube + crimp tube + white alabaster + crimp tube + crimp tube + jonquil ab + crimp tube + crimp tube + cosmo jet + crimp tube + crimp tube + jonquil ab + crimp tube + crimp tube + clear crystal + crimp tube

4.Crimp the first crimp tube 2 inches away from the crimped loop and then decrease this space on all the next strands by ¼ of inch for each. Repeat step to finish the other end of wire.

5.Cut a 2 piece of German wire, create a half loop and then string on all the five beaded strands one by one and then close loop wrapping it twice around wires tail. Trim excess wire.

6.String on one cone end onto previous piece. Make a loop on top of cone, wrap twice and trim excess sire. Repeat the same steps to finish opposite end of your necklace.

7.Open a 4mm jump ring, attach to loop end of one side of necklace and then to one half of duet clasp an then close gently. Repeat same step on opposite end to finish your necklace.

8.Attach one pinch bail pendant to each of the white carved flower pendants.

9.Open the back of bail and place in the center of the necklace hanging through two strands together and then close back carefully. Place the second flower o the right side of necklace hanging from two inside strands.

10.Wrap three inches of plated wire around the strands next to each cone end.