Lab-Grown Diamond Studs

Elegant. Attainable. Everlasting.™

As the ultimate fusion of beauty and science, Prazana™ Lab-Grown Diamond studs make a modern-day style statement with dazzling brilliance, cutting edge elegance and exceptional value.

Lab-Grown Diamond Stud Earrings

Lab-Grown Diamond Studs in White or Yellow Gold

Add a timeless touch of luxury to your look with Prazana™ Lab-Grown Diamond studs in white or yellow gold.

Yellow Gold Lab-Grown Diamond Studs

Color Lab-Grown Diamond Studs

Be radiant and romantic with Prazana™ Lab-Grown Diamonds in perfectly-created shades of pink and blue.

Classic. Versatile.

As a symbol of long-lasting love, diamond stud earrings create a timeless look and are treasured as a dynamic and durable wardrobe essential. Prazana™ Lab-Grown Diamond studs are no different and stand out with spectacular sparkle, incredible quality, and classic style for any occasion.

Lab-Grown Diamond Gemstone

“The future of perfection.”™

Prazana™ Lab-Grown Diamonds have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as a top tier mined diamond and are indistinguishable by the naked eye. These gorgeous gemstones are cut, faceted, and created with the same clarity and color as a mined diamond and glow in colors ranging from classic white to soft pink and blue hues.

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