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Brown Diamond Jewelry

Make a bold statement with the unconventional brilliance of brown diamond jewelry. Sometimes referred to as chocolate diamonds, cognac diamonds or champagne diamonds, depending on their hue, brown diamonds are the most common of so-called fancy (colored) diamonds, according to the Gemological Institute of America.

Their relative abundance when compared to the colorless, transparent stones that most associate with diamonds makes them an attractive, less expensive alternative, especially to new generations of diamond lovers who buck tradition to blaze their own diamond-studded trails.

Classification and grading remain consistent, however. Brown and champagne stones are still graded on the same diamond scale as traditional diamonds, using the Four C's (carat, clarity, color and cut). Jewelers cut brown diamonds according to three basic styles of faceting: brilliant, step or mixed. Decisions on which cut to use are made to maximize an individual stone's brilliance and ability to accept light.

Brown diamonds get their color from natural impurities, irradiation or deformation. In fact, until recently, most brown diamonds were limited to industrial sales for use in things like drill bits and grinding wheels. These would-be flaws and the plentiful nature of the brown diamonds themselves, however, allow JTV to create exquisite, multi-stone designs while keeping prices down.

JTV's champagne diamonds pair seamlessly with closely related white diamonds or other brown gemstones. Insert champagne diamonds into a yellow gold setting to create a lustrous contrast. White gold and sterling silver play a more supportive role, allowing champagne diamonds to sparkle like their namesake. For an earthen look that harkens back to the brown diamond's natural formation, consider a rose gold setting. The possibilities for rings, earrings and pendants are practically endless.

If you're considering an even bolder color, check out Jewelry TV's huge selection of black diamond jewelry. If you're after a more subtle look, take a look at the options yellow diamonds present. Whatever your preference, JTV has a stone to suit your style. Cheers to you and champagne diamonds.