How to Bend Memory Wire

Published January 2013
Content Supplied by Beadalon

pliers bending wire into loop

Remembrance Memory Wire puts fun in fashion. Bead onto this thin, tempered stainless steel wire (also available in silver and gold plated steel) to create chokers, bracelets, anklets, and rings. Like a spring, it snaps back to its original form when expanded and released - no need for a clasp. It's great for cuff bracelets. There are two basic ways to finish off your creation: by gluing on end caps or with a quick and simple loops. You can even add decorative dangles to the loop - how chic! To create the loop at the end of your memory wire design, use a pair of Beadalon Round Nose Pliers.

How to:

1. Place the end of the Memory Wire between the tips of the Round Nose Pliers.

2.With one movement of the pliers, carefully bend the wire backwards, going against the wire's natural curve for an outside loop. For an inside loop, bend the wire into its natural curve.

3.Once you've beaded the wire, repeat the previous step at the other end, forming a loop at the opposite end. Dangle a bead or charm from the loop for a playful look that adds movement.