How to Make a Fireworks at Dark Necklace

Published January 2013
Designed By Fernando DaSilva / Content Supplied by Beadalon

Fireworks at Dark Necklace



Materials & Tools

Swarovski 4mm round fuchsia crystal
5 Swarovski 4mm round amethyst crystal
1 Swarovski 6mm round fuchsia crystal
1 Swarovski 8mm round amethyst
2 Swarovski 8mm round amethysts AB
1 Swarovski 8mm round amethyst
2 Swarovski 8mm round amethysts AB
1 Swarovski 8mm round tanzanite
1 Swarovski 8mm round padparadscha
1 Swarovski 8mm round rose AB
1 Swarovski 8mm round light rose
1 Swarovski 8mm round fuchsia
2 Swarovski 8mm round black diamond
5 Swarovski 3mm amethyst bicone
9 Swarovski 3mm lt amethyst ab bicone
3 Swarovski 3mm rose bicone
3 Swarovski 3mm lt rose bicone
6 Swarovski 3mm fuchsia bicone
8 Swarovski 3mm padparadscha bicone
5 Swarovski 6mm light amethyst bicone
5 Swarovski 6mm tanzanite bicone
5 Swarovski 6mm padparadscha bicone
1 Swarovski 6mm rose bicone
1 Swarovski 6mm amethyst bicone
10 silver plated 10mm bead caps –
150 silver plated crimp tubes
16’’ black velour tubing
1 stainless steel claw end squeeze
40’’ Clear Colors 19 Str Beadalon wire .018’’ red
40’’ Clear Colors 19 Str Beadalon wire .018’’ purple
Beadalon Designer Flush Cutter
Battery operated Bead Reamer

How to:

1. Cut the Clear Color red wire in 8 pieces of 5”. Repeat the same with purple wire.

2. Find the center of the velour tubing, then using the battery operated bead reamer make a hole thick enough to fit 2 strands of wire. Use a highlighter pen to mark the tubing so all the holes stay side by side.

3. Feed the wire through the hole from step 2 with 2 strands of red wire. Pass 4 ½ inches of the wire through velour tubing. Use crimp tube #2 to crimp the short side of the red wire against the velour tubing, string a 6mm bicone padparadscha onto the short wire + crimp tube #2 and crimp it. Trim excess wire.

4. Use the battery operated bead reamer to drill 6 holes on either side of the center hole (step 2). Mix colors alternating red and purple wires. The second to last hole on either side will be strung with 2 strands of wire. Beads are held in place with #2 crimp tubes on each side. Choose the distance between the beads based on sample or use your own spacing. Exposed wire will look more dramatic if you choose beads with colors that contrast with wire color.

5. String each strand separately using a random pattern. To achieve a similar look follow graduation pattern from small to large size beads. You will have 10 strands ending with 8mm beads and 8 others with 6mm beads.

6. Remember to have crimp beads strung on both sides of the beads. When stringing the final 8mm round crystal beads use a bead cap on the top portion only, unless you desire more silver in the design. Attach stainless steel claw end clasp to both sides of tubing using flat nose pliers to close claws around velour tubing.