The Essential Guide to Different Types of Chain Necklaces

Are you looking for a chain necklace, but confused or unsure about which design and type might be best for your wardrobe? JTV has all the types of chains you need, and we’re here to help you figure out which one fits your style.

Woman holding chain necklaces

Metal Chain Types

Metal Chain Colors

Chain Lengths for Women

Woman wearing chain necklaces Woman wearing chain necklaces


This type of chain sits comfortably at or around the base of the neck like a collar; works well with almost any outfit or look.


The “Princess” length sits elegantly on the collarbone and is one of the most common necklace lengths for women


Falls just below the collarbone and is perfect for a low neckline or worn with a turtleneck


Falls at or above a low neckline


Falls below any neckline


Sits from the top of the chest to just below and works well for high necklines and evening wear.


Hangs below the chest and is common with long, beaded pearl necklaces.

Chain Lengths for Men

Woman wearing chain necklaces Woman wearing chain necklaces


Sits at the base of the neck and mainly used for beaded necklaces to sit above a crew neck t-shirt.


Falls at the collarbone and the most common length for men; works well with a pendant because the pendant will not sit too high or fall too low.


Falls a few inches below the collarbone and can be worn over or under a shirt.


Falls just above the sternum and is commonly used to keep pendants under the shirt and closer to the heart.


Falls mid-chest and is typically used for plain chains without pendants.

Chain Widths

Chain Thickness Guide and Width Illustration

0.5mm - 2mm:

A delicate, thin chain normally worn alone for everyday wear or with a simple, lightweight charm. Thickness ranges from a dime to a quarter.

3mm – 4mm:

A slightly, thicker and heavier chain designed to stand out more and can be worn with a larger pendant or combined with another piece for a layered look. Similar thickness to a quarter.

5mm – 10mm:

A very strong and durable chain that is popular among men and women for a big and bold look. It is typically worn as a statement piece and has the thickness of a quarter.

Chain Extenders

Chain extenders can be used to adjust your favorite necklace to the exact length you want for your own personal style.

Chain Extender

Everyone needs a classic chain in their jewelry collection to be your go-to jewelry piece. There are multiple chain styles for you to choose from so you can find the one to best fit your look or the length you want. Go for a daring look with a bold chain or keep it simple with an elegant silver chain. If you want to show off your feminine side, our rose gold chains work well with any skin tone and are exactly what you desire. Need a chain to put your favorite pendant on? Box chains or wheat chains are the perfect addition to your pendants. No matter what your style is, JTV has chain jewelry for every personality. Mix and match colors and styles to create a look that is all you.

What Type of Metal Chain Should I Buy?

Go bold with gold chains from JTV! Our collection of gold chains will give you the confidence boost you need. Whether it’s a big presentation at work or a night out with friends, your new-found confidence will be radiating. Gold chains are a staple of every jewelry collection! It’s easy to mix and match with different colors and styles.

Do yourself a favor and add a silver chain to your jewelry collection. A new silver chain will add a touch of elegance. Take your work outfit to the next level with a silver chain that commands attention. You will turn heads in every room you walk into. A silver chain is an easy way to take an outfit from day to night.

What Karat Gold is Best for Chains?

Yellow gold chains are a classic staple piece of gold jewelry. The warm yellow gold appearance of your gold chain has a lot to do with the number of karats it contains. At the highest karat of gold, 24k is pure gold and not recommended for daily wear. 18k, 14k and 10k gold chains are less karats than pure gold, but more durable. The most traditional mix of gold and other metals is 18k gold. It shows off a deeper yellow tone and is a higher quality than 24k. If you want an everyday chain, then a 14k gold chain is a must-buy for your wardrobe. A 14k gold chain is more resistant to wear and tear and is ideal for anywhere or any occasion. 10k gold chains are very affordable, however they have a paler yellow color. What’s the best thing about gold chains? You can’t go wrong with them because gold chains are a classic that’s easy to mix and match.

Shine bright like a diamond with a white gold chain. This is the perfect way to add a little spice to your everyday outfit. They are sleek and sophisticated while being stylish all at once. White gold may be practical for the workspace, but it’s also easy to transition to a night out with the girls. White gold looks stunning when paired with a colored pendant.

If you’re looking for a chain that will bring some femininity to your wardrobe, rose gold is the way to go. The hint of pink draws the eye without being over the top. Show off your feminine power with a rose gold chain.

What Can I Wear with a Silver Chain?

Say hello to your new favorite jewelry piece! When you want to take your look to the next level, a silver chain is exactly what you need. A sterling silver chain can accentuate your neck and only further enhance your outfit. Are you in need of a chain for your favorite pendant? Sterling silver chains will complement your pendants perfectly. You cannot go wrong with choosing a silver chain!

How Should I Clean my Chain Jewelry?

Keep your chain jewelry fresh and clean and with our easy how-to steps. Before you clean your chain jewelry, you need to gather your supplies. You will need lukewarm water, mild dish-washing soap or mild jewelry cleaner, a soft, clean and dry cloth, and a small soft-bristle toothbrush or cleaning brush.

  1. Soak jewelry 10 to 20 minutes to soften residue and dirt.
  2. Gently brush sides, top, bottom and underside.
  3. Rinse with clean water.
  4. Pat dry with a clean cloth.
  5. Repeat steps if necessary.