How to Make a Fathom Bracelet

Published January 2013
Designed By Margot Potter / Content Supplied by Beadalon

Fathom Bracelet


Basic Wirework

Materials & Tools

Jump Ring Maker Tool (Round Large)
Artistic Wire Twister
Beadstrom Round Nose Pliers
2 Pairs Beadstrom Chain Nose Pliers
Beadstrom Semi-Flush Cutters
Nylon Jaw Pliers

How to:

1. Attach two silver German Style wire lengths of about 3 to the Wire Twister Tool. Attach the opposite ends of the wire to a sturdy base.

2.Turn tool until wire is tightly twisted together and work hardened. Remove wire from tool and base using flush cutters.

3.Repeat for a 3 length of blue Artistic and silver German wire. Remove wire from tool and base using flush cutters.

4.Insert wire end of the all silver coiled wire into jump ring maker using the 14 mm mandrel. Wrap wire around tool following instructions on package.

5.Cut coil from tool and use flush cutter tool to cut jump rings from coil. Cut the beveled end of each ring flush to make a clean finish on your design.

6.Repeat the process using the blue and silver twisted wire with the 12 mm mandrel.

7.You will be making a chain pattern of a single 14mm jump ring threaded into a three 12mm ring jump ring flower.

8.To make the flowers, thread three 12mm twisted jump rings into each other so they are all interlinked, like a flower. Add the rings one by one and use your two pairs of chain nose pliers to open and close them into the flower shape. See pattern.

9.Create your chain starring with a large jump ring threaded into a flower. Open and close the large jump ring with chain nose pliers.

10.Continue alternating between flowers and single jump rings until you reach the 11th single jump ring.

11.Attach one twisted colored jump ring to this.

12.Create the hook by bending the end of a 2 section of twisted wire over the inside of a pair of round nose pliers, working at the larger end of the pliers.

13.Bend the wire over your pointer finger into a hook shape.

14.Use your round nose pliers at the smaller end to create a second loop, so it looks like a Shepards hook as in photo.

15.Use nylon jaw pliers to bend the larger loop end in opposition to the hook, as in photo.

16.Attach hook to the first 16mm jump ring on the chain.

17.Use blue Artistic wire to make beaded dangles, creating a small loop on the end of a length of wire, threading on a bead and adding a second loop at the top of the bead. Attach these to the final single two color jump ring using your chain nose pliers.

18.Work back through the design to ensure all jump rings are secured properly with tension.