JTV Rock Star Designer: Season 1

Aspiring designers from across the country put their jewelry-making skills to the test during weekly challenges for the title of Rock Star Designer and the chance to design and sell their own exclusive jewelry collection on JTV. Follow along and get a firsthand look as we captured the highs and lows of creating jewelry under pressure and under the watchful eyes of our expert judges.

JTV Rock Star Designer

Episode 1

10 Little Designers

Judges narrow the field from ten to the final five designers, each competing for the title of “JTV’s Rock Star Designer”.

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Episode 2

Around the World in Six Hours

The five designers receive their first challenge of ‘global’ proportions…

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Episode 3

Sent Packing

Time runs out for one designer, but all five are left holding their breath…

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Episode 4

Wholesome Flirts & Drama Queens

A pixie, drama queen, wholesome flirt, party girl and an elegant bohemian all walk into…

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Episode 5

Colorful Insights

Award winning guest judge David Zyla helps evaluate the designers creations which leaves one designer seeing red…

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Episode 6

Flippin’ Seashells & Fishing Lures

The final three are challenged to really work and think outside their comfort zones…

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Episode 7

And Then There Were Two

The judges must narrow the selection down to the final two designers who will compete in the finale.

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Episode 8

And The Winner Is...

In the final challenge our designers have several choices to make… some they aren’t even aware of!

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