Strand Necklaces, The Essentials Guide

Everyone needs a strand necklace to seamlessly string together a fabulous look. From classic pearls to breathtakingly colorful gemstones, you’ll be able to easily find the strand necklace that’s the right accessory for you or a loved one. The simplicity of strand necklaces creates endless styling options, so shop JTV for a wide selection of strand necklaces perfect for any jewelry collection.

Woman wearing strand necklaces

Choosing the Right Strand Length

Woman wearing strand necklaces Woman wearing strand necklaces

Collar: 12"-13"

Collar strands fit snugly around the neck and are best worn with open-neck clothing.

Choker: 14"-16"

Worn around the base of the throat, chokers work well with almost every outfit and any neckline.

Princess : 17"-19"

Resting right at the collarbone, princess strands are one of the most common lengths and incredibly easy to style.

Matinee: 20"-24"

Falling slightly below your collarbone, matinee strands are a perfect match for both easy-going attire and business casual looks.

Opera: 26"-36"

High-necklines and elegant evening wear have never looked better than when paired with an opera strand necklace.

Rope: 37+"

The simple yet extravagant rope strand goes to great lengths to showcase your dazzling style.

Types of Strands

Gemstones Strands

From ravishing red to precious purple and everything in between, there’s a gemstone strand out there for you. Make a bold and colorful statement with a variety of gemstone strands to mix and match to fit your unique style.

Pearl Strands

The peak of elegance and simplicity, pearl strands bring effortless sophistication into any outfit. Whether it’s a day of running errands or a night out on the town, wearing a strand of pearls will give you the confidence you crave.

MM Size Comparison

Know what to expect when ordering strands from Use these size comparisons, measured in millimeters, to help you pick out the strand necklace of your dreams.

Millimeter Size Comparison for a Pearl