Sterling Silver Metal Jewelry

Sterling Silver Metal Jewelry

Come explore all our marvelous silver metal jewelry and find your dream piece of flawless sterling silver today!

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JTV's sterling silver metal jewelry pieces are sure to match your favorite styles with unbeatable prices. Find yourself an intricate pair of delicate silver earrings that will compliment your gorgeous features and will shimmer with every move. Wanting a more subtle touch of silver flair to your outfit? A simple silver bracelet will add that dash of sparkle, without breaking the bank. Sterling silver metal jewelry is so versatile and appropriate for everyday wear, as well as There is nothing more elegant than a collection of matching jewelry items, and you can find all you need to mesmerize all, here at JTV!

How To Clean Silver Metal Jewelry

To avoid too much tarnish or extra care needed, wear your silver metal jewelry often! Your skin's natural body oils will help keep your jewelry shining. Air has a tendency to tarnish silver metal jewelry more quickly, so putting your jewelry in separate airtight sealed bags. This will keep the air from putting wear on your items! Plain vinegar can be used on silver metal jewelry to remove tarnish, all you need is to soak pieces in vinegar for 5-10 seconds. Remove the piece from the vinegar and then wash with non-lotion dishwashing soap and water. After, rub the jewelry briskly but gently between your hands and rinse with COLD WATER only! Dry the pieces as soon as possible and make sure the items are dry before placing them back into airtight storage. Whenever using water on your silver metal jewelry, make sure the water is cold to keep it in its great condition.