Meet Our Executives

Tim Matthews
President and Chief Executive Officer

F. Robert Hall
Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Broadcast Sales

Charles A. Wagner III
Vice Chairman

Donna Burns
Chief Service Officer and Executive Vice President of Broadcast Sales

Kris Kulesza
Chief Merchandising Officer

Chris Meystrik
Chief Technology Officer

Craig Shields
Chief Digital Officer

Chip Smith
Chief Marketing Officer

Crawford Wagner
Chief Financial Officer

R. Gregory West
Executive Vice President Special Projects

Burt Bagley
Senior Vice President,
Content Distribution

Tolly Harris
Senior Vice President,
Customer Care and Operations

Kim Kanary
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Brand Management

Sunil Khinvasara
Senior Vice President, International Operations

Ryan McClurkin
Senior Vice President, Business Analytics

Eric Johnson
Vice President, Information Services

Randall L. Puryear
Vice President, Merchandise Planning and Analysis

Stephen E. Roth
Vice President & General Counsel

Gerald D. Sisk, Jr.

In Memory of Gerald D. Sisk, Jr., Co-Founder

Gemstone lover, teacher, mentor, linguist, musician, opera enthusiast…husband, son, brother, friend. Throughout his life, Jerry Sisk wore many different hats,and he wore each with pride.