How to Make Crystal Mandala Earrings

Published January 2013
Designed By Bonnie Clewans / Content Supplied by Beadalon

Crystal Mandala Earrings


Bead Weaving

Materials & Tools

004 in. (0.13mm) Extra fine DandyLine™ bead weaving and stringing thread
Size 10 Hard beading needle
12 - 6mm Blue Swarovski round crystal beads
12 - 6mm Blue Swarovski bicone crystal beads
Size 11/0 Toho Japanese seed beads

How To:

1.Thread the hard beading needle with a 3 ft. (91.44cm) length of Dandyline bead weaving and stringing thread.

2. String on 6 seed beads. Using a surgeon's knot, tie into a circle, leaving a 6 in. (15.24cm) tail.

3. String on 1 seed bead, 1 crystal, 1 seed bead. Go back through the crystal and seed bead, so the crystal is close to the 6 bead base circle created in step 2.

4. Pass the needle through the next seed in the base circle, moving away from the base circle's knot.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until 6 crystals have been strung.

6. Travel the needle through the first seed bead, crystal and seed bead. Exit through the top seed bead.

7. Add a seed bead, crystal and seed bead. Pass the needle through the next top seed.

8.Pull snug and continue, until all six crystals are connected. Pass the needle through the outer circle twice. When passing through the outer circle, add a loop of seed beads. This loop serves as the earring hanger.

9. Exit thread after the second seed bead on the side of a crystal. String 5 seed beads, then add 6 seed beads. Go back through seed bead number 5. Add 4 seed beads and pass through the second seed bead on the other side of the crystal.

10. Continue around outer circle, travel back to the tail at the base circle and tie off. The earring should be taut, with a slightly curved appearance.

11.Repeat these steps to create the other earring.