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Diamonds are as brilliant, empowering and strong as anyone who wears them.  Treasured for their durability, rarity and sparkle diamonds elevate an everyday ensemble into an extraordinary look or take an outfit to the next level of luxury.  The beauty of a diamond comes from a combination of fire, also known as the rainbow flash from within, and brilliance or the burst of sparkling light. They can be colorless or any color of the rainbow, but are breathtaking, beautiful and signify the next big step or the best moment of your life.

What is considered a “white” diamond?

White diamonds are lacking in color and not really “white”. Colorless white diamonds are considered rare and more valuable than white diamonds with a natural yellowish tone. This is noted in the standard diamond color grading scale, where D means a pure, colorless appearance, through to Z, which shows a strong yellow tinge. A white diamond with a high color grade is much more prized for its appearance than a yellow looking, low color-graded white diamond. Color is just one of the ways a diamond is valued. If a low color diamond has excellent cut and clarity, it will be valued higher.

What are the most popular color diamonds?

Diamonds come in a wide range of colors, from bright yellow to midnight blue and even radiant red.  Yellow diamonds are one of the most popular choices and are often in high demand because of their dazzling and cheerful hue.  Red and pink diamonds are among the most rare and expensive of all brightly colored diamonds.  “Champagne,” “cognac,” and “chocolate” accurately describe diamonds with brown hues. Brown diamonds are another one of the most common fancy diamonds and one of the least expensive.

Are lab-grown diamonds real diamonds?

The short answer is yes because lab-grown diamonds have the same optical, physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds. These captivating gemstones have the same brilliance, sparkle and properties as mined diamonds from the Earth and can only be distinguished with tests using specialized equipment. The main difference between the two is their point of origin. Lab-grown diamonds are becoming more and more popular and only JTV has the expertise in direct sourcing to get the absolute best value in lab-grown diamonds.

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