Orders Help

Click here to to check the status of your order from JTV. You will be asked to provide your order number and phone number.

How do I place an order?

The instructions below are your step-by-step guide for placing an order:

1. Choose a Product 

Choose a desired quantity of items you would like to purchase. For certain products, sizing, appraisal and/or warranty may be available. 

2. Add to Cart 

Now that you have chosen what you want to purchase, select Add to Cart and the product(s) will be placed in your Cart. You can view the item(s) in your cart by selecting “View Your Cart” or begin the checkout process by selecting Checkout. 

3. Shopping Cart

You can change the quantity of your item(s), choose a shipping method, or enter a promotion code. If you decide you aren’t ready to purchase just yet, click the “Save for Later” link to move the item(s) from your Shopping Bag to Shopping List.  This will save your desired items as a reminder if you would like to purchase them later.  Once you have made adjustments, select Update, and the Shopping Bag will reflect your changes.

4. Sign In 

When checking out, you will be asked to Sign In using your E-mail address and password. If you are a new customer, you may select Create an Account and become a registered member. You may also select Continue as a Guest and make a purchase without registering. If already logged in, selecting Checkout will take you to the address information page where you will continue the order process.

5. Shipping Address Information 

Add a shipping address or, for registered customers, select an address you already have on file. Once you complete the shipping address information, you may select the check box below the information to make your billing address the same as your shipping address. You also have the opportunity to “ship to multiple addresses” by clicking the multiple addresses link and filling in your information where necessary.

6. Payment Information

When you are ready to purchase your items, you must select your method of payment and enter your billing address. For registered customers, you may select a payment method and billing address already on file or create a new one. You will also need to add your Phone and Email information. You may enter any promo codes in the box under “Have a promotion code?” and then select Apply Code. 

7. Order Review 

Check your order information to make sure that everything is correct. To make any changes, select edit in the appropriate section. Save all changes. After you've made sure everything looks correct, select Place Order.

8. Receipt 

Print a copy of your order receipt for your records. JTV will also send you an E-mail confirmation of your order. Thank you for your purchase!

What is Quick Buy?

Logged in customers selecting Quick Buy from the Shopping Bag will be taken directly to the Order Review page. From here, follow steps 7 and 8 above to place an Order.

Do I need a different account to order online?

No. You simply need to register on the JTV website. If desired, you may have separate accounts in the system. However, each account must be registered with a different email address.

What if I forget my password?

You can select "My Account" at the top of the page. Then click on the “Forgot Your Password” link located below the password field to reset your password. After selecting "Submit", JTV will send you an email with instructions to reset your password.

What are your payment options?

JTV currently accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express (and the debit cards backed by any of the previously mentioned companies), the JTV Gift Card as well as PayPal and our own private-label retail credit card, JTV® Preferred Account.

How can I check the status of my order?

Select Order Status at top of page to be taken to the Order Status page. To verify your identity in order to gain access to your order status you can enter your Order ID and the phone number used to place your last order. Click the 'View Order Status' button and JTV will provide you with the latest update on your order. Registered users can access more detailed information about their order status by clicking on "order".

Why is my order On Hold?

An order is placed on hold when we do not have the correct billing address for the credit card you provided. This situation can be resolved by contacting Consumer Protection at (800) 931-7001. Please give them the address where you receive your statement. Once this is resolved, your order will be released for processing. Also all E-check orders have a seven day hold period.

Why is my order listed as Unable to Authorize?

An order is placed on “UA” status when we are unable to obtain authorization from your credit card provider. For assistance, please contact our Consumer Protection department at (800) 931-7001. Once the authorization is obtained, your order will be released for processing.

What is Waiting to Ship?

The “Waiting to Ship” status indicates that your order is being packaged and prepared for shipping. An order cannot be cancelled once it has reached this stage.

How and when will my order ship?

Credit Card, PayPal, and JTV® Preferred Account Orders may take up to 14 business days for shipment. Bank draft (broadcast only), or eCheck orders (broadcast only) may take up to three to four weeks for shipment.

Standard shipping for all packages will be through various methods. JTV will only ship packages via expedited carrier when a customer asks to expedite their shipping for an additional fee. The shipping chart can be viewed in the Shipping section of the Help page.

Why haven’t I received my order?

If you have still not received your item 10 days past the ship date, please contact the Customer Experience Team at (800) 550-8393. They will investigate and begin the claim process for you.

When you receive the claim form, please sign it and return it to us. The claim form is a legal, binding document used for our investigation purposes. We will begin processing your refund once we receive this form.

How can I cancel my order?

The Customer Experience Team can cancel your order depending on its status. If a cancel option does not appear on your order online, it most likely cannot be canceled. To check the status of your order, please see (How can I check the status of my order) in the FAQs above. Once your order status reads "processing" it may not be possible to cancel your order. When your order status reaches "waiting to ship", the order can no longer be canceled.

To cancel your order, please call our Customer Experience Team or use the chat feature for an immediate response. You will need to provide the specific order number for your item. To locate this number, simply revisit the email confirmation you received after placing the order. If your order contains multiple items, please provide both the order number and the specific item number of the product you wish to cancel.

How do I apply a coupon to my order?

After you have added an item to your cart (see How do I place an order?), and have proceeded from the Checkout screen to the Payment Information page, you should see a box labeled, “have a promotion code?” directly under your payment options. If you have a coupon or discount, you may apply it by entering your code and clicking “Apply Code.” Your subtotal will be adjusted accordingly. After applying any applicable discounts, click “Continue Checkout” to proceed with your order.

Note: JTV.com coupons cannot be combined with any other offers. Limit one coupon per order.

Why am I unable to add items to my cart?

If you are having trouble signing in or adding items to your shopping cart, please check that your web browser's cookies are enabled. Enabling your cookies will insure the ability to log in with your saved account information and place an order. If your browser's cookies are disabled, you will be unable to reach your account or purchase products from JTV.com. To find out more about enabling and disabling cookies, consult your browser's help site.