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Sentimental and Meaningful Jewelry from JTV

Storytelling jewelry has a unique quality that other jewelry can lack; JTV's storytelling jewelry has the ability to capture life's little moments in a meaningful momento you can wear with pride. With symbols like historical coins and greek key designs, you can personalize a jewelry piece to your family's cultural roots to bring the past to you. JTV's storytelling jewelry features ethnic motifs like the claddagh and kokopelli, perfect for anyone to represent their own storyline. Pick a piece that you can give to a loved one that has a meaningful story behind it, one they can reminisce on each time they look at it. Storytelling themes include jewelry featuring inspiring words like hope, believe, love, grace, faith, forever... the perfect meaningful motivations to give the ones closest to your heart. Find your forever meaningful jewelry pieces with JTV's storytelling jewelry.

Storytelling Symbols and Meanings

  • Claddagh -The traditional Irish symbol that stands for love, loyalty, and friendship.
  • Greek key - Greek decorative pattern that symbolizes eternal life or infinity.
  • Celtic knot - Originating in Ireland and Scotland areas, endless loops and connected patterns represent the eternal beginnings and endings, can represent endless friendship and infinite love.
  • Kokopelli - Native American deity that plays the flute and is the god of music. This also represents fertility and success.
  • Tree of life - Represents new birth, good energy, growth and strength.
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