Stud Earrings, the Essential Guide

Stud earrings are a stylish and stunning staple in your jewelry wardrobe. A stud earring features a gemstone or metal ornament attached to a post that passes through the ear and fastens on the other side. Because of their size and simplicity, stud earrings are very versatile and can be worn day or night, season to season. JTV has an extensive collection of effortless and eye-catching stud earrings for every occasion.

Woman wearing stud earrings

Lab-Grown Diamond Studs

Elegant. Attainable. Everlasting.™

As the ultimate fusion of beauty and science, Prazana™ Lab-Grown Diamond studs make a modern-day style statement with dazzling brilliance, cutting edge elegance and exceptional value.

Lab-Grown Diamond Stud Earrings

The Perfect Gift

Fashionable and functional, stud earrings are a popular present for men, women and children because they’re flattering on everyone and can be worn anytime or anywhere. Stud earrings make a meaningful and memorable gift for a family member, friend or loved one, and can be personalized for the recipient based on their age, facial shape, daily activities, interests, lifestyle and purpose.

Dazzling diamond stud earrings, glowing gold studs or whimsical shaped studs are an ideal choice for an anniversary, birthday, milestone event or as a child’s first set of earrings. Show your love and affection for someone special with the go-to gift of stud earrings.

Woman wearing studs

Millimeter Size Comparison



The smallest size of studs, but ideal for kids or tweens and perfect to wear as a second piercing.



The classic stud size for everyday wear and the most common in pearls.



This size is typically for more stylized studs including clusters, knots and halo designs.



The largest size of studs, specifically designed to make a statement and for special occasions.

4mm - 11mm Gemstones

Backing Types

Push Back

A straight post is inserted into a small metal piece behind the ear to ensure the earring doesn’t slip. Push backs are interchangeable and the most common earring backing.

Screw Back

A grooved end on the earring’s post passes through the ear and screws into a secure back to hold the earring in place. Screw backings are mainly used for premium gold and platinum earrings.

Screw Back Stud Earrings

What are stud earrings?

What’s not to love about stud earrings? Stud earrings may be on the smaller side, but that doesn’t stop them from making a statement. They will easily liven up your wardrobe without going over the top. Stud earrings are a staple piece in every woman’s jewelry collection. Whether you're in need of a set for the office or for a special night out, JTV’s stud earrings are exactly what you need. We offer a variety of styles so you can discover which pair is just as unique as you are. From simple studs such as a pair of pearls to statement pieces such as gemstone studs, we have the set that everyone is looking for. 

What stud earrings should I wear?

Let your earrings do the talking with the perfect pair of stud earrings. Stud earrings are wonderful because they can be personalized based on your age, facial shape, skin color, interests, and more. Choosing your favorite pair is the easy part, but what about styling them? Follow our easy tips below to create the ideal look.

Gemstone Studs:

Brighten up your everyday outfit with a colorful pair of gemstone stud earrings. Always in style, gemstone studs will add a pop of color to any and every outfit. When selecting the right color, you can choose either your favorite color or your birthstone. A pair of black gemstone studs are perfect for the office, while a bright pink pair is ideal for a sunny day. 

Pearl Studs:

Classic and timeless, pearl stud earrings are a staple piece every woman needs in her jewelry collection. A smaller size will add a beautiful touch of sophistication and elegance. If you want a staple piece, choose a larger size in a different color. No matter what you choose, pearl studs are always stunning. Are you in need of a gift for your bridesmaids? Pearl stud earrings are the perfect gift that they will cherish forever.

Metal Studs:

If your style is bold and edgy, metal studs are the way to go. Metal stud earrings will show off your daring side while also keeping it classy. These are the perfect accessory to take your look from day to night. Pair them with a lightweight t-shirt or you can dress them up with a more formal outfit. We have colors ranging from sterling silver to yellow, white and rose gold. With our style options, you can discover the metal stud earrings that fit your personality. 

Diamond Studs:

Every woman deserves to have some diamond studs in her jewelry collection. Diamonds are simple and dazzling all at the same time. A smaller stud is perfect for everyday wear and won’t be too heavy for your ears. For a more formal occasion, a bigger diamond stud will make the perfect statement. With all the different carat weights and cuts, you can choose a pair that is just as unique as you are.

Why are stud earrings the perfect gift for everyone?

Who says stud earrings are only for women? Men, it’s time to claim stud earrings as part of your everyday wardrobe. Our stud earrings can be worn anytime and everywhere. If your style is minimalistic, stud earrings are the ideal accessory. From diamond studs to gemstone studs, you’ll find the pair that suit your personality. Gifting the man in your life a pair of earrings is a simple and easy way to update his look. He will love this gift because he can easily wear them to the office or for a special occasion. We have gold earrings, diamond earrings and every style in between.

Stud earrings are also the perfect choice for your child’s first set of earrings. Their first pair are among the first expressions of their personality. Cherish your little one’s jewelry collection by starting it off with something sweet and darling from Jewelry Television. From simple pearl studs to a bright gemstone stud, you can choose the pair that will bring a smile to their face. 

How do I store and organize my stud earrings?

Choosing your earrings is the fun part, but how do you make sure they last a lifetime? Having a safe and suitable place to store your earrings is the perfect way. We have a couple of tips to help you enjoy and organize your earrings for years to come:

  1. Poke your stud earrings through a long strip of ribbon to keep them together. Using a thick and sturdy ribbon will last longer and less likely to tear or run. The ideal ribbon is between 1 and 2 inches (2.5h and 5.08 centimeters). Store the ribbon in a box or drawer, or hang it on your wall with a thumb tack or pushpin. 
  2. If a jewelry box is more your style then using a piece of plastic canvas is for you. All you need is a plastic piece from the craft store and you can cut it down to the size you want. Poke your stud earrings through it, then put it into your jewelry box or drawer. Weave your favorite ribbon around the edges of your plastic canvas to make it fancier.
  3. Another simple way to store your stud earrings is with a small pill box or ice cube tray. Keep this container inside your jewelry box for easy access. 

How do I clean my stud earrings?

All jewelry needs a refresh every now and again, especially if you want to keep the sparkle at its brightest. Knowing how to clean your stud earrings correctly is important to the lifespan of your jewelry. 

Diamond studs:

  1. Place your diamond earrings in a shallow bowl filled with warm water.
  2. Add a few drops of unscented washing liquid or soap.
  3. Mix the solution and let the diamond earrings sit for 30 minutes.
  4. Rinse your diamond earrings with clean water and pat dry with a clean cloth.

Pearl studs:

Pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

  1. Avoid contact with lotions, cosmetics, perfumes and hair products.
  2. To clean after wearing, wipe with a soft, dry cloth.
  3. Never use steamers, ultrasonic cleaners, or soak in water.
  4. To avoid scratching, store separately in fabric-lined compartments.

Sterling silver studs:

Oils from your skin can help clean silver and keep it shiny, so wear your silver jewelry often.

  1. To prevent tarnishing, avoid contact with lotions, cosmetics, perfumes and hair products.
  2. To restore shine, use a silver polishing or microfiber cloth.
  3. Use long back-and-forth motions when polishing. Do not rub in circles, as this may magnify tiny scratches.
  4. If simple polishing does not deliver the desired level of shine, follow the cleaning guidelines listed above.
  5. If your silver jewelry includes gemstones, avoid all commercial jewelry cleaning solutions.

Gemstone studs:

  1. Fill a shallow bowl with warm water and a mild detergent or cleaning solution.
  2. Let your gemstone studs sit in the mixture for a few minutes.
  3. Use a gentle brush to lightly scrub your jewelry.
  4. Rinse your jewelry in clean water and pat dry with a clean cloth.

Where did stud earrings come from?

The first pair of stud earrings were worn 7,000 years ago by men in ancient Asia to express their wealth and higher class status. Stud earrings were also popular in ancient Egypt. Diamond stud earrings made their appearance in the 19th century and they’ve been favored ever since. Their popularity took off in the 1970s and now they are a staple piece in every woman’s jewelry collection.