How to Make Sparkle Flower Earrings

Published December 2012
Designed By Meredith Roddy / Content Supplied by Beadalon

Sparkle Flower Earrings


Basic Wire Work

Materials & Tools

6 - 5mm round white 1-hole CZ-Gem Dropz
11/0 Galvanized aqua Toho seed beads
11/0 Bronze dark bronze Toho seed beads
24 gauge brown Artistic wire
6 - small ball headpins, silver plated
2 Modern ear wires, silver plated
Spin-N-Bead bead loader
Designer Ergo chain nose pliers
Designer Ergo cutter


A new twist on an old technique: French beaded flowers wrap-around loops with Toho seed beads and CZ Gem Dropz make unique earrings. Use the same technique to make a pin - or a pendant to create a matching necklace. You'll be surprised at how quickly these flowers bloom!

How to:

1. Cut a 3 ft. (60.96cm) length of brown Artistic wire.

2.Pick up 10 galvanized aqua Toho seed beads.

3.Twist the beads into a loop by wrapping the two wires together twice.

4.Load the Spin-N-Bead with galvanized aqua Toho seed beads. Spin the bead hopper and pick up enough beads to fill the wire around the first loop. Wrap the wire around the base again.

5.Now load the Spin-N-Bead hopper with dark bronze Toho seed beads to make a third loop around the base again.

6.Repeat steps 3 - 5 until 5 loop clusters are complete. Arrange into a flower shape. Twist the wires together in the back. Trim excess wire, then tuck the wire end in between two petals.

7.Thread the CZ Gem Dropz onto the headpins. Form the ends of the headpins into loops.

8.Attach the loops to the flowers.

9. Attach the ear wire to the top of the flower.

10.Repeat all steps to create the second earring.