How to Make Falling Hearts Earrings

Published January 2013
Designed By Fernando DaSilva / Content Supplied by Beadalon

Falling Hearts Earrings


Basic wire work

Materials & Tools

6 - 4mm Red round color coated glass beads
6 - 4mm Orange round color coated glass beads
6 - 4mm Brown round color coated glass beads
24 - 4mm Small jump rings, silver plated
6 - 1.5 in. Head pins, white plating
2 - Heart three ring ear post findings

How to:

1. Make 2 dangles of each of the following patterns of beads. You will have six beaded head pins in all. Use head pins to string the beads.
Pattern A: red - jump ring - brown - jump ring - orange
Pattern B: orange - jump ring - red - jump ring - brown
Pattern C: brown - jump ring - orange - jump ring - red

2.Make a plain loop above the beads.

3.Open a jump ring and string one dangle. Attach it to one of the ear post rings. Arrange the beaded head pin dangles so that each earring gets one pattern A dangle, one patter B dangle, and one pattern C dangle.