How to Make a Lucky Charms Necklace and Earring Set

Published January 2013
Designed By Margot Potter / Content Supplied by Beadalon

Lucky Charms Necklace Lucky Charms Earring Set


Simple Wire Loop

Materials & Tools

One 22x15mm topaz Crystallized™-Swarovski Elements pendant
Two 16x11 topaz Crystallized™-Swarovski Elements pendants
Four 4mm olivine Crystallized™-Swarovski Elements round beads
Four 4mm jet AB Crystallized™-Swarovski Elements round beads
Six 4mm crystal copper Crystallized™-Swarovski Elements round beads
Two 6mm silk Crystallized™-Swarovski Elements bicone beads
Thirteen silver plated square knot connectors
Four silver plated square connectors
Silver plated our leaf clover charm (Sacred Kitsch Studio)
Silver Plated key charm (Sacred Kitsch Studio)
Two silver plated ear wires
Ten 6mm silver plated oval jump rings
Two 8mm silver plated oval jump rings
10mm silver plated jump ring
Ten 4mm silver plated oval jump rings
1 small silver plated toggle clasp
Eight silver plated head pins
Eight 1.5 sections small silver plated rolo chain
Round nose pliers
Chain nose pliers
Bent nose pliers
Wire cutters

How to:

1.Create loop topped dangles for all crystal beads.

2.Attach square knot to a chain segment opening the bottom link in the chain with your chain and bent nose pliers.

3.Attach a second square knot to the opposite side.

4.Continue attaching chain to knots making a segmented chain. End on a final square knot.

5.Attach the bar end of a toggle clasp to one of your final square knots using a 4mm round jump ring. Repeat using the circle end and the other final square knot.

6.Attach your beads and charms to the circle end of your toggle using 4mm oval jump rings.

7.Attach the large pendant to the center of your charms and beads on the circle end of the toggle using a 10mm jump ring.

8.To create the earrings attach a knot connector to an ear wire using two 6mm oval jump rings.

9.Attach a second knot connector to the bottom of the first using an 8mm oval jump ring.

10.Attach the small pendant to the bottom with an olivine and a jet AB round using a 6mm oval jump ring.

11.Attach a square knot on each side of the bottom knot using 6mm oval jump rings.

12.Attach a copper crystal bead on each side of the top knot using 6mm oval jump rings.

13.Repeat for second earring.