How to Make Eye of the Tiger Necklace

Published January 2013
Designed By Katie Hacker / Content Supplied by Beadalon

Eye of the Tiger Necklace



Materials & Tools

43 ⅟2 in. length - Beadalon 19 Strand .018 in. satin gold
3 - 30mm Tiger's eye discs
16 - 4mm Tiger's eye round
24 - 6mm Tiger's eye round beads
6 - 8mm Tiger's eye round beads
89 - Size #2 1.5mm Crimp beads, gold plated
2 - Size #3 2.0mm long Crimp tubes, gold plated
1 - Small gold toggle clasp
Designer flush cutter
Designer crimper


This dramatic necklace showcases the beauty of Beadalon 19 Strand satin gold color wire. For a simpler look, omit the pendant.

How to:

1. Cut three 7 1/2 in. lengths of satin gold wire.

2. Hold the 7 ½ in. wires together as one. String a crimp bead 1 in. from the end. Fold the wire ends back through the crimp bead to form a loop. Crimp it.

3. Thread on a tiger's eye disc and another crimp bead. Crimp to hold the disc in place.

4. Leave ½ in. of exposed satin gold wire and string another crimp bead, disc, and crimp bead. Repeat once more to use the third tiger's eye disc.

5. String 6mm beads and crimp beads randomly onto the wire ends. Trim the wire ends at different lengths to add interest to the pendant.

6. Cut three 18 in. lengths of satin gold wire.

7. Hold the wires together and string the pendant onto the center. String an 8mm bead on each side.

8. String a crimp bead, a 6mm bead and another crimp bead onto each wire. Do not crimp the crimp beads; here, they act as spacers.

9. Hold the wires together and string on a crimp bead, an 8mm bead and another crimp bead. Crimp these crimp beads to hold them in place.

10. On each side of the necklace, string the remaining 4mm and 6mm beads and fix in place with crimp beads.

11. About 1 ½ in. from the end of the necklace, string on a crimp bead and crimp it. String one 8mm bead and a crimp tube. Loop the wire ends through half of the clasp and place them back through the crimp tube. Crimp it. Trim extra wire.