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Pink Gemstones

Pink Gemstones

Think pink with JTV's collection of pink gemstones. From rosy reds to fierce fuchsia, you're sure to find the perfect pink for you!

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Gemstone Information
Conch Pearl

A conch is a marine gastropod or, more simply, a large sea snail. Conchs are valued for their meat, shell, and non-nacreous pearls. Conch pearls are formed by concentric layers of fibrous calcium. This layering often produces a much-desired flame structure, which is characteristic of conch pearls. Because they are a calcareous concretion, the pearls have a porcelain finish and luster, very similar to the interior of the conch shell. Conch pearls are usually found as a by-product as fishermen clean their catch for conch meat. The gems are usually baroque or oval and generally a salmon-colored orange pink.