How to Make the Copper Web Bracelet

Published January 2013
Designed by Margot Potter / Content Supplied by Beadalon

copper bracelet with round beads


Stringing, Crimping, Wire Work


Stringing, Crimping, Wire work

Materials & Tools:

18 gauge natural copper wire
3 lengths: 10 in. (25.4cm) - Beadalon 7 Strand satin copper color .015 in. stringing wire
8 - 8mm Copper finish Czech crystal glass round beads*
6 - 6mm Copper Swarovski crystal rondelles*
6 - Size #2 Crimp tubes, gold plated
6 - Copper plated crimp covers
5 - Copper plated open heart tags
Jump Ring Maker
Designer Mighty Crimper
Designer Round Nose Pliers
2 pairs - Designer Ergo Chain Nose Pliers
Designer Ergo Cutter

It's a breeze to weave a web of coppery magic by beading multiple strands of new Satin Copper Colored Wire with faceted crystal beads. Make your own jump rings and clasp to coordinate using artistic wire and the new Beadalon jump ring tool.

How To:

1. Using 18 gauge natural wire and the Beadalon Jump Ring Tool, create four 8mm jump rings. Change to the 5mm dowel and create nine 5mm jump rings. Flush cut both ends of the jump rings to finish them.

2. Attach the three strands of Satin Copper Color wire to one 5mm jump ring using crimp tubes. Using the Mighty Crimper, conceal the tubes with the crimp covers as you go.

3. Slide an 8mm round bead on the center and right strand, leaving the left strand empty. Slide an 8mm round bead on the center beaded strand and the left strand.

4. Slide a 6mm rondelle on the center strand and the right strand. Repeat with center strand and left strand.

5. Continue alternating the center strand and the outer strands, in a pattern of two 8mm and two 6mm.

6. As you move along the strands, take time to adjust the tension, it should be fairly taut.

7. Crimp the beaded strands to a second 5mm jump ring, again adjusting the design before each crimp for tension. Using the Mighty Crimper, cover each crimp with a copper plated crimp cover.

8. Attach a chain of two 8mm jump rings to one end of the bracelet. Repeat on the opposite side.

9. Make a beaded dangling chain of hearts. Start by connecting two 5mm jump rings, then slide an open heart onto a jump ring and attach it to the bottom jump ring. Attach another open heart beaded jump ring to the bottom of this, continuing to build the chain ending on the fifth beaded jump ring. There should be seven total rings or links in the chain.

10. Attach the beaded chain to the first 8mm jump ring on one end of your bracelet.

11. If you wish to create your own clasp, take a 1 in. segment of wire and bend it into a U-shape. Use your round nose pliers to create a small loop on each end of the U facing outward. Compress the two sides together gently to make a hook shape.

12. To make the eye of the clasp, take a 1/2 in. segment of wire and use the inside jaws of the round nose pliers to make a large hole figure eight. Wrap the wire around the jaws of the pliers in opposite directions, creating one hole at a time.

13. Attach the clasp to each end of your bracelet. The finished bracelet can be adjusted for size from 6.5 in. to 7.5 in.