Lauren Deal - AJP

Lauren joined the JTV family in 2018 and is an Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP) by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). She holds an undergraduate and master’s degree from Millersville University in Pennsylvania. Lauren spent ten years sharing her passion of education and helping students feel confident and successful, all while pursuing studies in leadership.

She also founded and organized a national women’s wellness community, where her mission was to help women feel beautiful, confident and shine. Lauren was so grateful to be able to reach thousands of women across the country with the use of social media and motivational speaking. She has taken those pathways and tries to share those positive feelings with JTV customers by encouraging everyone to find jewelry that makes them feel like their best self. Her goal is to make you smile, all while inspiring and helping you find jewelry that will make you radiate happiness!

My Favorite Gemstone

Citrine and Larimar

To me, these gems represent the warmth of sunshine and the beautiful blue water of the ocean. These stones will have you daydreaming of your favorite vacation spots and are easily paired with all the items in your wardrobe. Whether you want to pair them with jeans or a bright element to an elegant look, these gems are perfect for all occasions.

Citrine gemstone

More About Lauren Deal

Favorite Vacation Spots

Anywhere there is a beach! She also loves traveling throughout Europe, especially Italy and Spain.

A Day in the Life

When not on air, Lauren loves to spend time with her giant Bernese Mountain dog mixes, Taora and Peake. Whether she is outside taking long walks, hiking or bike riding, she likes to stay active. Lauren is also a social butterfly and loves being social with friends. Raised in Lancaster, PA, where her family still resides, she followed her passion for warm, tropical weather, scuba diving and beaches to live in South Florida. Lauren is enjoying discovering hidden gems in Knoxville such as interesting eateries, nature trails, and even day trips to other southern cities.

Kristie Go-To Vacation Jewelry Pieces

She loves pops of color and jewelry that draws the eye in, so she always brings some Off Park Collection as well as anything turquoise and of course her Bella Luce travel pieces!

The Most Memorable Pieces in Lauren's Jewelry Box

"My family rings. In my family, when you turn 16, you are given a double chevron ring melted down from an ancestors wedding band with a personal message inscribed inside. My parents’ weddings bands are double chevron rings as well, yet my mom’s has marquise shaped diamond adorned upon hers. I also have my great grandmother’s eternity diamond band. My great grandfather was a coal miner and every year he would vow to put a small diamond into her band until it went all the way around her finger. It took many years of hard work, but eventually the first and the last diamonds touched. A true symbol of hard work, perseverance, and love everlasting."

Lauren Deal