Wendy Williams - AJP, DCA

Wendy Williams

Crowned Miss Teen North Carolina in 1993, Wendy Williams never dreamed she would end up pursuing a career in the home shopping business. But what woman can say "no" to rubies and diamonds? After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Campbell University's School of Law, Wendy practiced law for several years before making a significant career change and joined the JTV family in 2001. Wendy says that the most interesting aspect of her job is learning each gem's historical and technical details.

Get to Know wendy

What is your favorite gemstone?

I'm fond of tanzanite because of its beauty and rarity, and of course, diamonds are a must-have!

A Day in the Life

I was born to shop, and it's hard not to buy all of the jewelry I lay my hands on. My favorite part of the job is hearing from customers who are excited about jewelry they purchased with me.

What are some fun facts you would like to share?

I am a lawyer but changed careers to host at Jewelry Television, and I live outside of town and have dogs, a cat, eight chickens and an abundance of wildlife around and I love it! I was Miss Teen North Carolina and participated in the Miss Teen USA pageant the same year my sister was Miss North Carolina and competed in Miss America.

What are your go-to gifts from JTV?

My go-to gift is pearls, because they are a great gift and we have such great values and selection. My best girlfriend gets the Artisan Collection of Bali for her birthday and Christmas.

How did you get your start in the jewelry business?

I was a lawyer practicing law in North Carolina and my sister became involved in Jewelry Television. I moved to Tennessee to live closer to her so we could raise our kids close together, and I fell in love with JTV. I was impressed not just with the jewelry and values but with the company as a whole. The founders of JTV are good, honest people who built a company to be proud of. They stand behind the product, take great care of their customers and their employees. When they say the “JTV Family,” they mean it. I wanted to be a part of JTV so I just decided why not give it a try. I was not very educated on gemstones but I was eager to learn.  They put me right on the air and I felt like I had been sent into court without the case file or facts. It was kind of funny actually because my sister was watching me panic! From there, I learned about gemstones and my love for JTV grew. Now over 21 years later, here I am!

What are the most meaningful items in your jewelry collection?

As anyone who watches me can guess, it is the prayer box pendant. What a powerful piece of jewelry to me, to remind me to let go of anxiety and worry. The prayer box is about handling the things we can control and letting God handle the rest. It is the gift of peace to accept the things in life we have no control over and lean on the faith that God will handle things and we will be ok.