Misty Mills - AJP, DCA

Misty Mills is a long-standing member of the JTV family. She starting out selling Beanie Babies in June of 97 but her love of all things that sparkle quickly shone through and she started selling fine jewelry by July of 97. Misty stays up-to-date on the latest trends so she can offer helpful advice to JTV viewers. "I love bringing affordable luxury to everyone. You don't have to spend a million to look like it! And I truly enjoy being their personal shopper." When Misty is at home, she is a devoted mother to her only son, Jonathan, who has grown into an outstanding young man."

My Favorite Gemstone


"Hands down diamonds are my favorite" but also says that Bella Luce and Moissanite are close contenders. "I love to make things sparkle up your wardrobe!"


Diamond Gemstones

More About Misty Mills

Fashion Tip

"You can't go wrong with basic gold accessories."

A Day in the Life

When Misty is not on the air, she loves spending time with her BFF and fellow host Nikki Rouleau, hanging out on the lake, working out and she loves the Lord. She is also scared of heights, loves spicy food and can't wink with just one eye!


Misty Mills