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Susan Thomas

Susan Thomas fell in love with gemstones as a young girl on a mining expedition with her father. That trip ignited a passion for gemstones — especially sapphires. Initially, Susan put that passion to play as a collector; however, after learning some jewelry-making techniques, she started designing and selling gemstone jewelry.

Prior to joining JTV, Susan owned a bead and jewelry business which gave her the opportunity to travel extensively, sourcing inventory. She developed a fascination for the seemingly endless choices of colorful gemstones that blanketed the local market in Jaipur, India.

In addition to hosting Jewel School at JTV, Susan is pursuing one of her dreams by working on her Graduate Gemologist Diploma (GG).



Get to Know Susan

Susan Thomas on Set

What are your go-to gifts from JTV?

My go-to gift is sterling silver jewelry especially with my pearls.

What is your favorite gemstone?

My favorite gemstone is sapphire. If you’ve ever seen a Ceylon Sapphire up close you will know why sapphire is my favorite. That cornflower blue color is like a slice of the fall sky. I love that sapphire comes in so many different colors because I always have a hard time making choices. With sapphire I don’t have to choose a color, I can just say “I’ll take them all!”

What is your go-to travel jewelry?

Before heading to one of my favorite places, I pack an interchangeable stack set, a simple necklace, a stretch bracelet and bangle set, and a bid bold pair of earrings.

What gives you the inspiration to design such unique pieces?

Generally, my inspiration comes from the gemstones – the colors, the shapes and the stories of where they came from.

What is your favorite gemstone to work with?

I love working with sapphire and labradorite.

What is your process for designing jewelry?

I like to spread everything out and try different combinations together – then I sleep on it! Usually by the next day I have a few ideas!