Nikki Rouleau - AJP

Nikki Rouleau

Nikki Rouleau is a true veteran to the home shopping industry. At 15, she was a seasonal worker at Shop At Home. She then proceeded into all facets of the business before accepting her first hosting opportunity prior to her 18th birthday. She joined JTV® in 1997 and has watched the entire network mature and get better with age - just like fine wine.

Nikki's best advice for her customers when purchasing jewelry is to remember that it's a collectible, not just an accessory. "Maximize your value and shop with JTV®!"


Get to Know nikki

What is your favorite gemstone?

Diamonds are my best friend. They match everything and they're more brilliant and stronger than any other gem.

What are some fun facts you would like to share?

I once won a breakdancing contest at a local skating rink, I got stung by a scorpion and lived to tell about it, I live in a teeny-tiny country town where I have lived my entire life; my house is across from our little country church and next door to the house I grew up in and I’ve worked in the video-retailing industry 32 years come October, and I’m only going to be 47 years old on my next birthday.


What is your go-to travel jewelry?

My go-to travel jewelry is a wedding set, large pearl studs, moissanite studs and a cross necklace.


What are your go-to gifts from JTV?

My go-to gifts are pearls, Bella Luce or moissanite, because they’re classic, gorgeous and affordable!


How did you get your start in the jewelry business?

I started in the business at 15 years old. My older sister worked at a network and suggested it. I worked in the call center, but after a few months, I was asked to model jewelry. I began hosting at age 17 right after high school graduation.

What comes to work with you every day?

My Bible — I’ve had it since I was 9 years old when I got saved. I always have a photo of my grandmother (my Ninnie). These two things go everywhere I go. I also always bring my own hairspray because well, you’ve seen this mess ... it takes secret-weapon hairspray!