Allyson Spellman

Allyson has been in the entertainment industry since the age of six. She’s worked in television, feature films and on Broadway. In addition to her love of performing, she has traveled extensively as a motivational speaker and a lifestyle reporter on network programs across the nation.

Allyson’s experience on live television, her energetic personality and her passion for sharing innovative products make her a relatable and genuine spokesperson. It was no surprise when this busy mom became an on-air presenter on a home shopping network.

When an opportunity to work with JTV came along, Allyson knew it would be the perfect place to combine her appreciation of gorgeous gemstones, love of learning and passion for helping women celebrate their unique, personal style.

My Favorite Gemstone

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Black Spinel

“I love the look, lore and legend of Turquoise. I’m particularly drawn to the dreamy hue of Sleeping Beauty stones. This opaque, robin’s-egg-blue gemstone works with every color in your wardrobe and can be easily worn dressed up or down,” says Spellman.

“I often refer to Black Spinel as a ‘little black dress perfectly captured in a gemstone'. This sleek and sophisticated black beauty is not only versatile but also durable. Black Spinel makes the choice of what jewelry to wear truly effortless. It can be worn every single day.”


Turquoise gemstones

More About Allyson Spellman

Fashion Tip

Step out of your “jewelry box” and try something new. Not only will different pieces and gemstones breathe new life into your existing wardrobe, you may just find your next signature style!

Jewelry Lover and Animal Lover

In addition to her love of jewelry, Allyson is also a well-known animal advocate for her work both internationally and domestically to help endangered, neglected and abused animals. She even created a segment on JTV Extra called “Diamonds in the Ruff” that features adoptable animals. Big and small she loves them all!

Fun Facts

Allyson is married to a master martial artist and “The Fastest Board Breaker in the World”. He holds multiple world records for karate board breaking and he is featured in a permanent exhibit about his accomplishments at “Ripley’s Believe it or Not!” in Times Square.

Allyson Spellman