Cristina Yanez - AJP

Cristina Yanez knew many years ago she wanted to have a career at JTV. One day while flipping through the television channels, she stumbled across JTV and it was love at first sight. At the time, Cristina was working at a local jewelry store in North Carolina and was blown away with the concept of being able to share her love for beautiful jewelry, not only with a small handful of people, but with customers all across the United States. 

Wanting a change of pace, Cristina moved to New York City where she was discovered by JTV. Now the rest is history in the making. A big city girl at heart, Cristina is always out and about, exploring the happenings in Knoxville and surrounding cities. She is a lover of Jesus, family, friends and a great cup of coffee.

My Favorite Gemstones

Blue Spinel and Diamond

"Blue spinel is bright, vivid and has incredible sparkle. I love the electric cobalt blue color. It makes me feel sassy!  And then let’s not forget that diamonds are a girl’s best friend as well!”

Blue Spinel gemstones

More About Cristina Yanez

Fashion Tip

Fashion is what you buy; style is what you do with it.  There are no rules to jewelry. It’s all about how you feel. Mix and match your metals and gems. Stack and layer your bracelets and necklaces. But most importantly, have fun. People are going to look at you, so you might as well make it worth their while!

Fun Facts

Cristina enjoys being active and some of her hobbies include working out, hiking, snowboarding and going to concerts.

Cristina's Top Jewelry Items for a Trip

She always makes sure to pack big hoops, Artisan of Bali bangles, black spinel and Jewel School tassel earrings.

Favorite Vacation Spots

Cristina loves to vacation in Miami, New York City, any Western European country or somewhere tropical. 

Funniest On-Air Moment

"I always laugh at myself when I knock over a neck prop mid-presentation. I can't help it; I get excited about our beautiful jewelry!"

Most Meaningful Jewelry Items in Cristina's Collection

"I really treasure gifts that are given to me, like my diamond cross and a silver skeleton key. Also, the first pieces of fine jewelry I ever purchased for myself are really special, a white and champagne diamond ring with an aquamarine center and a diamond cross-over band." 

Cristina's Go-To Gifts from JTV

"Off Park earrings because they're big, bold, sassy and a great price."

Cristina Yanez