Heidi Williams - DCA

Heidi Williams

One of our most familiar show hosts on JTV is Heidi. If you've watched home shopping very long, you have probably seen the incredible shows Heidi brings to your home each week. Heidi's dynamic personality brings excitement to every one of her jewelry shows and her fans tune in to her shows knowing that they are going to see fantastic pieces of jewelry at amazing prices.


Get to Know heidi

What is your favorite gemstone?

Although I love so many gemstones, garnet is my favorite. I enjoy all of its many colors, but the traditional Mozambique is my favorite. Its rust to red color is very eye-catching! And garnets seldom have visible inclusions. I believe that it is one of the most affordable yet beautiful gems in the world.

What is your go-to travel jewelry?

My go-to travel jewelry is a long pearl and silver necklace, a turquoise ring, a gold necklace and gold & silver earrings.

What are your go-to gifts from JTV?

I like to give our pearls as gifts. We have great quality and prices and I feel that pearls are among our best values. I also give Moda, gold, Bali and turquoise from Ann Bever.

How did you get your start in the jewelry business?

I was an opera major and Miss North Carolina, and that gave me experience in front of the camera. I moved to Tennessee to open a whitewater rafting company and do motivational speaking to those groups that visited. I found JTV as they were just starting and decided to try it. I fell in love with the company and customers.

What are the most meaningful items in your jewelry collection?

My most meaningful jewelry pieces are the ones that I’ve received from loved ones.

What comes to work with you every day?

I wear my “good luck” slippers to work almost every day.