How to Return Items Using a Printed Form

Your printed return form has two important sections: the return details and the return label. Follow the steps below on how to ship your return.

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Return Shipping Instructions

a printed JTV return form

Step 1: Using the custom return form, confirm which returned items need to be shipped in your return package. 

a list of jtv return form items

Step 2: Cut out the custom return label. Affix the label securely to the front of the return package, covering and removing any other labels.

A woman packs at JTV return form in a package.

Step 3: Place all returned items into the package, according to the return form. Insert the form along with the items and seal the package securely.

A jedora return form is packed into a return package.

Step 4: Mail your package in one of the following ways: 

  • Your mailbox
  • Any public U.S. Mail collection box
  • Any U.S. post office
a United States Post Office building