JTV Live Viewer Help

How Do I Use the Live Viewer?

Watching JTV® programming on our web site is easy with our new and improved television viewer. To view live programming, simply follow these steps:

  1. From the navigation bar located near the top of the page, select the “Watch us Live” link to open the live viewer window. The live viewer window will open in a separate window broadcasting JTV® live programming.

  2. In the new window, you can watch the program airing now. To the right of the program, a window containing a photo of the current item on display with specific product information such as item number, material, type, stone size and price is shown. You have the option to add the current item to your JTV shopping cart via the Add to Cart button.

  3. Beneath the current item description, a list of recent items is displayed. To learn more about any one of these products, click on the item of interest to view it and its description in the window above. This window will show the product image, description and item number. You have the option to add the item to your JTV cart or email the item to a friend. You can also return to the current item by clicking the Return to Current Item link at the top of the window.

  4. When an item is added to your cart, a separate window will open showing your shopping cart items where you can Update Quantities, Continue Shopping on JTV, or Proceed to Checkout. The items you’ve added from the live viewer will be saved in your cart until you are ready to checkout.

Where Can I View Product Details About the Current Item on Air?

With the live viewer open, a window to the right of the viewer labeled "current item" is displayed. When available, this window contains a picture of the current item on display. Beneath the image specific product information such as material, type, stone size, item number and price is shown. To view the items product details page, open a new window, go to JTV and enter the specific product’s item number in the search box.

How Can I Purchase the Product Current Item on Air?

The product information beneath the "current item" display window provides the price, item number and short description of the product available. There is a button beneath the description allowing you to add the item to your cart or email the product to a friend. Click "add to cart" and a new window will open showing the item added to your JTV shopping cart. From this page you can Update Quantities, Continue Shopping on JTV, or Proceed to Checkout.

Can I View More Recently Displayed Items?

Beneath the live viewer’s "current item" display, you'll notice a list of recent items. To learn more about any one of these products, scroll your mouse over the specific product and select. The "current item" display changes to "recent item" with an image (when available) and product description. You can order the item by selecting the Add to Cart button, view more recent items, or click the "back to current item" at the top right of the display to return to viewing current product.

Can I Access JTV While in Live Viewer?

Yes. If you select "Add to Cart," "Program Guide," or "Meet the Hosts,” a new window will load with the appropriate page. From this window, you can continue browsing JTV.com without interrupting the viewer.

How Do I Learn About the Host Currently on the Air?

Beneath the broadcast window, there is a link labeled “Meet the Hosts” where you can explore specific host pages. There are also links to the program guide for a summary of the current schedule and live viewer help for tips on how to use the live viewer. Beneath these links you are shown what program and host is on "Now" and what program and host is on "Next."