StretchPay FAQ

What is the StretchPay™ Program?

Owning more of the amazing jewelry and gemstones you love is easier with JTV’s Stretch Pay, our flexible payment program that lets you spread the cost of your purchase to up to six payments at no additional charge!

How Do I Know What Products are Eligible for the StretchPay™ Program?

When you’re shopping online, you’ll see a StretchPay™ logo or graphic on the catalog pages, product detail pages and in your shopping cart. If you’re shopping through our broadcast, our show hosts will indicate which items are eligible, and you’ll see a StretchPay™ logo or graphic displayed with the item. JTV reserves the right to impose restrictions and limits on customers’ use of StretchPay, as determined by JTV in its sole discretion.

How Do I Know How Many Payments I’ll Have?

If you buy an item from our broadcast, the number of payments (including the deposit) will be displayed near the description of the item and our call center agents will review this information with you. For internet orders, the number of payments (including the deposit) will be displayed next to the StretchPay™ logo on the product detail page, on the order review page and on your order confirmation.

Why is My StretchPay™ Deposit Payment Higher Than the Other Payments?

Shipping and handling charges along with any fees for appraisals and sizing services are added to the deposit. Because of this, your deposit will often be higher than the monthly installment payment(s).

When is My Deposit Due and When Are My Installments Due?

We will charge your method of payment for the deposit (your first payment) on the day your item ships. An appropriate number of installment(s) will be charged every 30 days thereafter until the price of the item is paid in full.

What Methods of Payment Can I Use to Purchase StretchPay™ Items?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and JTV Preferred Account. If you use a credit card to pay for StretchPay items, then you will be responsible for any interest and/or other charges that accrue on your credit account as a result of the purchase.

Do You Accept Debit Cards or Prepaid Cards?

You can pay for StretchPay™ items with a debit card but unfortunately we do not accept prepaid cards or PayPal Credit.

How Do I Update My Credit Card Info for My StretchPay™ Orders?

If you would like to update your credit card information for StretchPay™ orders, you can edit your payment method in My Account>Stretch Pay or My Account>Order History or by contacting customer support at 800-550-8393.

Can I Use the StretchPay™ Program on an Existing Order?

To use the StretchPay™ payment program on an eligible item, you must choose to participate at the time you order. Unfortunately, we can’t apply the StretchPay™ option after an order has been placed.

Can I Make Additional Payments for My StretchPay Orders, and What Steps Do I Need to Take?

Yes, you can make additional payments on your StretchPay orders by going to your StretchPay orders in the My Account section and select the next payment to be made. However, if you have a StretchPay order with four payments and you have only made the first payment, you cannot choose to make the third payment until the second payment has already been made, and so forth.