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Tanzanite is Timeless ®

Be bold and beautiful with the breathtaking blue hues of one of the most popular and valuable single-source gemstones in the world. Tanzanite is believed to be rarer than diamond due to its formation from unusual geological activity in one location and its stunning spectrum of velvet blue shades. The exquisite colors and extraordinary properties of this prized gem make it an essential addition to your jewelry collection.

Tanzanite Jewelry

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Tanzanite is Timeless®

Enjoy the breathtaking blue hues of this exquisite gem, and get the latest updates on its rarity.

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Tanzanite Origin

Tanzanite is a relatively new gemstone since it was just discovered in 1967 by a Masai tribesman in Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Even though this natural treasure has only been around for a little over 50 years, tanzanite has received much well-deserved attention and is in high demand.

One Source Gemstone

Tanzanite can only be found in one commercially viable source in the entire world, a small 5-mile strip of land in the foothills of northern Tanzania. The unique gemstone was formed by extremely rare geological plate movements believed to have occurred over 500 million years ago.


Tanzanite Jewelry + Gemstone

December Birthstone Alternative

Tanzanite was named as one of the four December birthstones in 2002 and is now considered as popular as ruby, emerald and sapphire. Known for its calming presence and tranquility, tanzanite is said to promote thoughtfulness, wisdom and self-control in situations with conflict.

Tanzanite - December Birthstone
Tanzanite Jewelry + Gemstone

Color and Durability

Tanzanite is a pleochroic gemstone, meaning it reflects different colors when viewed at different angles. The color-changing abilities of this gem are enhanced by the presence of the rare element vanadium, which causes the deep blue to dark violet hues. Tanzanite is a fairly durable gemstone with a 6 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. 


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All About Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite is a gemstone worthy of your jewelry collection. Any lover of lavish and lovely blue gemstones could never be disappointed with the color range of tanzanite. However, did you know that tanzanite doesn’t naturally occur in its world-renowned shade of violet-blue? The mineral zoisite must be heated to high temperatures in order for tanzanite to transform from its dull orange tone into the eye-catching blue gemstone that takes your breath away. 

With blue, violet and a wealth of calming shades in between, tanzanite jewelry doesn't require any help from other jewelry to dazzle. That being said, tanzanite pairs beautifully with diamonds and sapphires. Tanzanite jewelry shines the brightest in neutral toned outfits, which allow the pleochroism of tanzanite to take center stage. Besides looking great, tanzanite is said to have calming properties, allowing you to focus on what matters. Shop tanzanite jewelry today for show-stopping jewelry that cannot be ignored.