JTV Wait List: Frequently Asked Questions

What is JTV’s Waitlist Policy?

If you choose to be on JTV’s Waitlist for an out-of-stock item, then if that item becomes available again within the next 45 days, JTV will automatically place this order for you and charge you the same price for the item existing as of the date you joined Waitlist.

How Long Will I Stay on a Waitlist for an Item?

If any Waitlist item becomes available, your order will automatically be placed and an email confirmation will be sent notifying you of the order. Waitlist item delivery dates are dependent on availability. Therefore, a specific delivery date cannot be determined or guaranteed. Waitlist is not available for all JTV products. JTV reserves the right to cancel or modify Waitlist at any time.

What if My Item Never Becomes Available?

If the item does not become available within 45 days, you will be removed from Waitlist. If you wish to remove yourself from Waitlist, please call JTV’s Customer Care Center at 1-800-619-3000.