Protecting Your Social Security Number

In the ordinary course of our business, we may receive the social security numbers of our customers (“SSNs” or “SSN” if we’re talking about just one). At present, we only collect SSNs from our customers with their permission when they apply for a JTV private label credit card.

We take numerous measures to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of SSNs. Our policy includes these steps:

  • Prohibiting unlawful or unauthorized disclosure of SSNs;
  • Limiting the number of people with access to SSNs;
  • Prohibiting the storage of SSNs in searchable databases;
  • Encrypting SSNs when they are sent to the provider of the JTV private label credit card;
  • Properly disposing of customer recordings or images that contain SSNs; and
  • Disciplining any employee who violates this policy.

Furthermore, JTV employees may display or disclose an SSN only as permitted by JTV processes. JTV will not mail any document on which a SSN is visible on, or from, the outside of the mailed article. Nor will JTV use a SSN as a general identifying number for any account, or visibly print it or embed it on any credit, gift, or loyalty card. JTV will not require customers to use or transmit their SSNs over the Internet, unless the connection is secure, or the transmission is encrypted.  

JTV restricts access to any customer recording or media file containing an SSN to persons with a legitimate business need to access those records to perform their jobs. Access to these records by anyone else must be specifically authorized. Customer recordings and media files containing SSNs will be disposed of in a manner which JTV believes will preserve their confidentiality.

Nothing in this policy is intended to prohibit the use of a customer’s SSN or personal information where the use is authorized by the customer, or required by state or federal statute, rule, regulation, court order, or pursuant to legal discovery, process, or official investigations.


Date:  August 29, 2018