Product Help

Do You Offer Ring Sizing?

Sizing is available for gold or platinum rings—provided that the setting does not prevent it from being altered. Unfortunately, we do not offer sizing for silver, vermeil, or overlay (i.e. platinum over gold) pieces at this time.

If sizing is available for online product, it will appear as a Product Option on the Product Information page (directly below the Quantity option). From the Custom Sizing drop box you may select the available ring size you wish to order before clicking Add to Cart. Once the item is your cart, you have the option to deselect or reselect the custom sizing option before placing your order. For broadcast items, simply notify the operator that you would like to have the item sized. Please note: Sizing will add approximately two weeks to the ship time and rings that have been sized by JTV are eligible for returns but rings sized by another jeweler are non-returnable.

Sizing is billed according to the size and type of metal. Gold items are charged two times the requested size. Platinum is billed at six times the requested size. Prices are subject to change without notice.

When Will You Have This Item Back in Stock?

When a product is out of stock, you will notice a “Want to know when this item is back in stock” box at the top of the item’s product details page. Simply click on the box to enter your name and email address to receive email notification if/when the product becomes available.

When Will I Receive My Appraisal?

Your appraisal should arrive within five (5) business days after receipt of your item. Your appraisal will arrive separately from your item.

Can I Order an Appraisal for Products That Do Not Mention Appraisal?

You can order an appraisal for products for an additional fee. This will add at least 14 days to your order processing. For questions or inquiries, call our Customer Experience Team at 800-550-8393.

What is a Pre-Owned Item?

Pre-owned products are gently used items resold at sensible prices. This product may be a customer return, vendor sample, or on-air display and is not in its originally manufactured condition. It may not be new. In some instances, these items are repackaged by JTV. Each item is inspected before selling and comes with JTV’s satisfaction guarantee.

What is Reconditioned, Not Worn?

These watches have not been previously sold or worn.  All watches were put through a comprehensive certification program to ensure the watch operates at manufacturer’s specifications.  Only new manufacturer parts were utilized if any replacement was required.  Service Jewelry Repair, Inc. provides a 1 year limited warranty with each watch purchase.

The certification program is the following 10-point check list:

  • Bench test for 48 hours; the watch will sit idle for a period of 48 hours to ensure that it is keeping the proper time and that all functions are working properly for this period.
  • Pressure test for water resistance watches.
  • Polish case and band to like new condition.
  • Check the security of the clasp.
  • Case back secured with gasket properly sealed.
  • Stem and crown inspected.
  • All watch features were tested to ensure they are working properly.
  • Crystal checked for scratches and secured properly with no lint, dust, etc.
  • All pins in the band checked for security
  • All watches go through a quality control procedure with two separate specialists.

What is MSRP?

“MSRP” is an abbreviation for manufacturer’s suggested retail price, the price at which the manufacturer recommends retailers sell the item. This price doesn’t represent our past or current price. When available, we provide the MSRP to give you an approximate reference to the customary price charged by national, non-discount retailers. To the best of our knowledge, the MSRP does not materially exceed the highest retail prices at which national non-discount retailers are typically selling each item. The MSRP doesn’t show the prevailing price in each market at any specific time, including during the previous ninety days. Such prices may vary from time to time.

What is Clearance Pricing?

JTV has even more ways for you to save with “Clearance Pricing”. We are clearing out product to make room for new merchandise that we have arriving daily. Take advantage of these discounts to save on our product that was already value priced. Items offered at the clearance price are while supplies last.

What is a "Must Have" Item?

Must Have Items are proven to be very popular with our new customers and friends. If you have never made your first purchase from JTV, take the advice of your jewelry and gemstone loving friends and try these styles today!

What is a Closeout Buy?

Our buyers search the globe for jewelry and gemstone liquidations, overstocks and discounted manufacturing opportunities. The ability to buy these types of items directly from miners, manufacturers and wholesalers at deep discounts allows us to pass extraordinary values on to our customers. Seize the opportunity to get more of what you love today at prices even better than our amazing, everyday values!

What is a New Arrival Item?

At JTV, New Arrival items are sought out by our team of expert buyers to bring our friends the most innovative and stylish designs in the jewelry and gemstone market. New Arrival items have never been seen at JTV before and represent the latest and best products in value and selection. Make your own debut every time you select one of the newest items at JTV!

What is a Super Buy?

Starting at $14.99. Selected for their sure-to-please value, we scour the globe for dazzling pieces at prices you must see to believe!

What is a Power Buy?

The best jewelry styles offer variety in design and gemstones for your perfect gift this season. Find your next jewelry gift in this collection!

What is the Sale Price?

JTV has even more ways for you to save with “SALE” pricing. Discover the savings on selected items from your favorite brands, collections and our customer favorites. You must act quickly – these special prices are good for a limited time. “Sale” pricing is only valid for a limited time, it is not clearance. See Clearance Pricing. The “sale” pricing period is only valid for the pre-determined length of time and the item returns to a higher price when done.

What is a Competitor’s Price?

Competitor’s Price highlights how JTV’s price compares to another retailer’s price for a similar item, showing how much you could save with each purchase from JTV. The similar item will have similar or identical metal content, gemstones, carat weight, and design. Competitor’s Price is reviewed and updated every six months. Competitor’s Price may not be the prevailing market price for an item.
Competitor’s Price is based primarily on U.S. prices and does not represent the ordinary prices of suppliers generally in Canada.

What Does If Sold Separately Mean?

JTV has even more ways for you to save with “If Sold Separately” pricing. An “If Sold Separately” (ISS) item is an item that is a combination of two or more separate sku’s that have been combined into one distinct “kit” sku. The ISS pricing will reflect a discount from the total price of all the separate items. The ISS price is the total price of the related items.

What is the Estimated Retail Value?

Estimated Retail Value is what you could reasonably expect to pay for a similar item at another retailer. Estimated Retail Value is an estimate and may not be a price another retailer has offered a similar item for sale. Estimated Retail Value is calculated using a product category specific analysis that uses a formula to compare other similar items in the category. Estimated Retail Value may not be the prevailing market price for an item. At JTV you can expect exceptional pricing and value.

Estimated Retail Value is based primarily on U.S. prices and does not represent the ordinary prices of suppliers generally in Canada.

How Precise Are the Carat Total Weights You List for Your Color Gemstones and Color Gemstone Jewelry?

JTV sells colored gemstones, including both loose gemstones and gemstones in jewelry, and often advertises the stones’ weights. The advertising normally specifies whether the colored gemstone item sold is a minimum weight, an average weight, or a specific weight. Unlike diamonds, colored gemstone cutting is not precise and weights therefore vary even for cut colored gemstones with the same dimensions. There are many other reasons why colored gemstone weights are not always precise. Accordingly, there may be minor variations between advertised weights and actual weights, and any weight advertised by JTV for a colored gemstone is approximate (meaning there could be minor variations), whether sold as a specified minimum weight, a specified average weight, or a specified weight for that particular item.

For Gemstones, What's the Difference Between Minimum Weight and Average Weight?

Gemstone weights may be represented in one of two ways: as a minimum or an average. An average is an approximate weight; a stone may weigh more or less than the stated weight. A minimum weight will be equal to or greater than the stated weight.

Why Does the Product I Received Look Different Than the Product I Ordered Online?

Please note that online images of products and product packaging are graphical representations only and may not reflect the final product that you receive. Representative gemstone images are chosen at random from sample inventory, and since no two gemstones are exactly the same, variations with each gemstone are normal and will almost always be present in your purchase. Jewelry images give a balanced representation of the inventory available. The purchased product may vary slightly from what is shown. If you are unhappy with your purchase please see our returns section.

Why Don’t You Provide Clarity Grades for Colored Gemstones?

Typically, clarity grades are meant to categorize diamonds, while colored gemstones use various other methods to evaluate their quality. Unlike diamonds, there is no universally accepted grading system for colored gemstones.

Clarity grading in diamonds is more objective, while clarity grading in colored stones is more subjective. Clarity is more important as a valuation factor in diamonds than it is in colored stones. In colored stones, there is a myriad of other factors that determine value. Some of those factors include:

  • Color (Hue, Tone and Saturation)
  • Size
  • Rarity & market conditions
  • Phenomena (optical properties)
  • Quality of Cut

A complication in grading -colored stones arises from the fact that the absolute definition of grades varies with the type of gem material. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) system for grading clarity in colored stones divides gem varieties into three types, depending on how included the gem material tends to be. The best Type 1 gems are very clear, almost completely free of visible inclusions even under 10 x magnifications. The best Type 2 stones tend to have inclusions that can only be seen under 10x magnification, and even the best Type 3 gems usually have inclusions that can be seen without any magnification at all. For example:

Type I colored stones include Aquamarine, Morganite, Smoky Quartz, Topaz (blue, yellow, orange, pink, red), Zircon (blue), and Tanzanite.

In the marketplace these gemstones are often virtually inclusion-free.

Type II colored stones include Corundum (all colors), Garnets (all species), Iolite, Peridot, Quartz (Amethyst, Citrine, Ametrine), Spinel (all colors), Tourmaline (blue, orange, yellow, parti-colored), and Zircon (green, orange, red, yellow).

In the marketplace these gemstones are usually included.

Type III colored stones include Emerald, and Tourmaline (red, watermelon).

In the marketplace these gemstones are almost always included.

Why Don’t You Provide the 4 Cs Grades on Most of Your Diamond Jewelry?

One of our goals at JTV is to open the world of jewelry and gemstones to everyone but we have to make it affordable. In order to provide grades for all diamond products it would become too costly and JTV would no longer be able to pass our savings on to our customers. From time to time we will have a certified product to offer our customers that has the grading information along with the certification that will always be noted in the product description. Always remember – at JTV, we want you to be satisfied with your purchase. If you don’t think it’s beautiful, just return it to us for a full refund of the purchase price within our stated return period.

What’s Unique About Buying Colored Diamonds?

JTV is dedicated to bringing its customers industry leading gemstone education and information about products we sell.  We take great pride in our efforts to accurately identify gemstone treatments and educate our customers on the many ways gemstones can be enhanced to improve their appearance.  Recent developments in colored diamond treatments have proven difficult, if not impossible, to detect using existing technology.  Specifically, high pressure high temperature (“HPHT”) treatment of colored diamonds cannot be detected reliably with available equipment or through outside certified laboratory testing.   

For that reason, JTV, must out of necessity, depend upon the certifications it receives from our valued and trusted suppliers with respect to treatment, particularly HPHT treatment, of colored diamonds.  JTV requires not only certifications from its suppliers but also the process followed by the supplier to be able to make any certification that the product is untreated.  In the unlikely event that the information supplied about treatment of colored diamonds proves to be incorrect, JTV will, at its sole discretion, either (1) replace, at its expense, any treated colored diamond with an untreated one, or (2) provide a full refund.

How Precise Are the Descriptions for Bead Material?

JTV attempts to accurately describe the nature and the composition of the bead material we offer our customers. However, our descriptions in large part are based upon the certified descriptions supplied by our vendors, as it is impractical to test a sufficient quantity of beads so as to independently verify bead composition. Due to the way the bead industry employs the use of “trade names” and other nomenclature to describe bead material, and for other reasons, bead material may not be described so as to accurately disclose the gemological composition. More specifically, there may be variances between the description certified as accurate by our vendors and the precise gemological composition of the bead material or the treatment it has undergone. Accordingly, JTV offers no warranties as to the nature or composition of bead material except that we describe it to the best of our knowledge. As always, JTV offers exceptional products at exceptional values. If for any reason any customer is dissatisfied with his/her bead purchase from JTV, he/she may return the unused item in its as-shipped condition within thirty (30) days of receipt of the product for a full refund of the purchase price.