Express Ordering

What is express ordering?

JTV’s express ordering is an automated service that allows you to order your favorite jewelry or gems without needing a call center agent. When calling JTV, the order for express ordering should be offered by dialing “1” on your phone. Then follow the program’s simple steps to order your favorite items all on your own!

How do I place an express order with JTV?

  1. The first step to placing an express order requires customer verification. This step is necessary to protect your account and let us know it’s you!

To verify your account, we’ll need your phone number and your JTV customer ID.

Don’t have a JTV account and customer ID yet? You can learn how to create an account with JTV here.

JTV will require further verification if the following apply:

  • The caller is an international customer.
  • The customer has more than one account with JTV.
  • The customer is calling from a new phone number.


  1. Next, you can select the item that you would like to order. JTV should offer:
  • The last four items shown on the JTV channel. These options are offered by prompts 1-4 on your phone.
  • An option to search for a product by its item number. This option is offered by prompt 5 and allows you to search for and select an item to order from JTV’s inventory, if available.
  • Products from JTV’s turntables. Select prompt 6 on your phone to view the five most recent items shown on turntables from JTV's broadcast or live stream.


  1. The express order system should offer the options of JTV’s StretchPay and the Jewel Safe Protection Plan for your order. Select either option on this guide to learn more.


  1. After choosing your product for purchase and viewed JTV’s plan options, you can verify your payment method, shipping address and possible ETA for your order.


  1. Lastly, JTV will provide you with an order number to view and track your shipment while you wait. Nothing is nicer than keeping track of your treasure on its way to you!

Thank you

And with that, you have successfully used JTV’s express ordering! We hope this guide helped and you enjoy our jewelry and service!
If you encounter any issues with your order, please contact our helpful representatives at 1 (800) 550-8393.