Lifetime Warranty for Moissanite Fire: Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is the Moissanite Fire Limited Warranty Valid?

The Warranty is valid for the lifetime of the original consumer purchaser.

What is Covered Under the Limited Warranty?

The Warranty covers (1) the loss of the luster or brilliance of your Moissanite jewel and (2) chipping, cracking or scratching of your jewel. The Warranty applies to the original consumer purchaser only and is not transferable. No Jewelry Television representative or employee has the authority to make or imply any representation, promise or agreement that differs in any way from the terms of the Warranty.

What is Not Covered Under the Limited Warranty?

The Warranty does not apply to the following:

  • damage to any jewelry setting containing your Moissanite Fire™ jewel;

  • damage to your Moissanite jewel arising from abuse or misuse; and
  • the loss of your Moissanite Fire™ jewel for any reason, including, for example, theft or a problem with a jewelry setting.

The Warranty is voided if your Moissanite jewel is repaired, altered, treated or modified in any way by a person or party other than JTV.

How Do I Make a Claim Under the Limited Warranty?

To make a claim under this Warranty, please contact JTV at 1-800-619-3000. JTV agents will provide you with instructions concerning your claim.

JTV will evaluate your claim and determine, in its sole discretion, whether it is covered under the Warranty. The sole and exclusive remedy for any condition covered by the Warranty is that Jewelry Television will, at its sole discretion, either (1) replace the Moissanite jewel (and if the jewel is set in jewelry, place it back in that setting) or (2) if replacement is not reasonably practicable, refund your purchase price. You will be responsible for any expenses to ship your Moissanite Fire™ jewel both to and from JTV. JTV is not responsible for any damage or loss of your Moissanite jewel while in transit, so we suggest you insure your shipments.

Additional Legal Rights

The Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.