Return Label Options

When shipping your return to JTV, you now have two options for creating a shipping label. 

The potential shipping costs mentioned below do not apply to promotions for free shipping on returns. 

Use a JTV Printed Shipping Label

Selecting this option means that you plan to print the provided PDF shipping label, attach it to your return package and mail it via USPS. 

The fee for the use of a JTV printed label will be subtracted from your return credit.

a first-class package return service slip

Use a QR Code

Selecting this option means you plan to take your package and QR code to any participating U.S. Post Office™.

a sample QR code

Most Packages Will Be Shipped by U.S. Mail

However, if the total value of the return is greater than $2,999.99, please contact Customer Service at 800-550-8393 for more information.

a United States Postal Service office