Broadcast Programming FAQs

What Channel is JTV® on in My Area?

Please select the Channel Finder link from the navigation bar located near the top of our website. You will be directed to insert your zip code and then click on the “Find Channels” button. Channels in your area will be listed by provider along with the day and time of programming.

Where Can I Find Featured Items Shown on This Weekʼs Programming?

You may select the Weekly Product Recap link from the navigation bar located near the top of our homepage. Here you can view recent items as well as the most current featured product. Check the featured product archives to filter your search by day and program, as well as by new items or turntables.

How Can I Find Out When a Specific Host will be On Air?

Please check our Program Guide, which lists the dates and times when show hosts will be on air.

Why is JTV® Programming only Available at Certain Times?

JTV® broadcasts programming 24 hours a day through DISH network and DIRECTV. We also have affiliates through cable television and broadcast stations. With each affiliate, JTV® must negotiate for programming time. As a result, some stations may broadcast JTV® continuously and others during set times. If you would like to watch JTV® when it is not available on your local station, contact your local station and request that they air JTV® full time. You can also view our live online broadcast by selecting the Watch Us Live button from our Airing Now section, or use the link located near the top of the homepage.

Can I Contact a Favorite Show Host?

Yes, just simply visit the Meet Our Hosts section where you can learn more about the background of each show host and follow the link to their individual Facebook pages.