Gizmo Topaz and Lumistar Topaz

Published: August 2011

Lumistar Topaz

Picture the first breaks in the early morning sky at sunrise at your favorite beach retreat and you can image the beauty of lumistar topaz. Spirited reds, pinks, and yellows, lumistar topaz is a cheery reminder that life is good.

Gizmo Topaz

Gizmo Topaz has the colors of many of our favorite flowers in full bloom—purple irises, royal blue forget-me-nots and glorious hydrangeas. Gizmo topaz gems give you a bouquet representative of Mother Nature’s finest colors.


To display so many vibrant colors at the same time, each gem has a thin film electrochemically bonded to its surface (Chemical Vapor Deposition), comparable to the surface of a camera lens. Each time the gem is viewed it will appear differently. That’s one of the unique aspects of stones treated with this process.

Lumistar and Gizmo topaz never fail to impress with their wildly delightful hues. Both look great in jewelry or alone in a gem collection.

Three colorful topaz gemstones

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