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Jewel School Blog

Gemstone Features

Eye of the Tiger



How To: Bend Memory Wire

How To: Choose Beading Wire

How To: Crimp

How To: Use a Bead Reamer

How To: Use Beading Wire

How To: Use EZ-Crimp Findings

How to: Use Memory Wire End Caps

How To: Use Scrimp Findings

How To: Use the Spin-N-Bead

Projects by Bonnie Clewans

Crystal Mandala Earrings

Projects by Fernando DaSilva

Blue Baroque Earrings

Brazilian Babe Earrings

Cascading Willow Necklace

Casual Moss Lariat Necklace

Fancy Eight Figure Earrings

Falling Heart’s Earrings

Fireworks at Dark Necklace

Flexible Circles Bracelet

Florabela Earrings

Gold Playground Necklace

Goldfinch Garden Necklace

Hunna Hunna Bracelet

Petra Earrings

Victorian Green Topaz Necklace

Why Gold Necklace

Projects by Susan Davis

Magnesite Donut Focal Necklace

Olive Jade and Green Amber Necklace and Earring Set

Projects by Ann Dillard

Simply Natural Necklace

Firery Pearl Bracelet

Projects by Katie Hacker

Amethyst Bracelet and Earring Set

Ancient Modern Necklace

Aqua Jet Necklace and Earring Set

Aqua Treasures Bracelet

Beautiful Baubles Bracelet

Bubblicious Bracelet

Casually Chic Necklace

Confetti Bracelet

Double Daggers Bracelet

Evening Topaz Necklace and Earring Set

Eye of the Tiger Necklace

Fiesta Necklace

Fringe Element Bracelet

Gemstone Style Necklace

Glass Pearl Trio Bracelet

Grape Sorbet Bracelet and Earrings

Gray for Day, Silver for Night Necklace

Opulent Opal Earrings

Quick and Stylish Charm Bracelet

Razzle Dazzle Necklace

Silver Spendor Bracelet

Silver Spendor Necklace

Springtime Garden Set

Sweet Dreams Bracelet

Sweet Sapphire Bracelet

Tangled Jewels Necklace and Earrings

Texture Play Chain Necklace

Tri-Colore Necklace

Woven Bridal Necklace

Wrap it Up Bracelet

Projects by Suzie Kwon

Bubble Candy Necklace

Projects by Margot Potter

Blue Dreams Bracelet

Bold Decco Inspired Woven Choker

Circles and Squares Set

Copper Web Bracelet

Crystal Ladder Bracelet

Endora’s Earrings

Fathom Bracelet

Flower Drops Earrings

Girly Pearls Earrings

Girly Twirly Bracelet and Earring Set

Lacy Bridal Set

Lucky Charms Necklace and Earring Set

Moderne Necklace

Nugget Bracelet

Oceanside Opulence Earrings

Orbital Necklace

Serpentine Earrings

Silver Ocean Necklace and Earring Set

Simply Lovely Bracelet

Star Spangled Bracelet

Strawberry Patch Bracelet

Projects by Carole Rodgers

Blue and Turquoise Spiral Rope Set

Pink Memory Wire Bracelet

Riviera de la Palm Necklace

Rosario Necklace

Wave and Donuts Bracelet and Earring Set

Projects by Meredith Roddy

Green Grandeur Necklace

Sparkle Flower Earrings

Projects by Yvette Rodriguez

Pink Woven Bracelet

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