Black Spinel Jewelry

Black Spinel Jewelry

Looking for a bold and classy style? Shop JTV's selection of black spinel jewelry. This special gemstone adds a distinctive shine to every ensemble.

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Shop Black Spinel Jewelry

Get ready to take everyone's breath away with JTV's beautiful selection of black spinel jewelry! Black spinel jewelry is one of JTV's customer favorites. Black spinel jewelry makes a statement with any and every outfit! Black spinel jewelry gives off a beautifully bold look and has an extreme presence. A touch of black spinel jewelry to your outfit can also tie in a sense of subtle elegance. JTV loves black spinel because it matches every mood for everyone's personal style! Explore the mysterious black color and exquisite qualities of the versatile black spinel gemstone.

Black spinel is a unique gem that has several different meanings behind what makes this gemstone such a special addition to the spinel jewelry line. The spinel gemstones are known for their rarity and beauty. These are common traits when it comes to a buyer's point of view. Romance is one of the most important values people look for in jewelry. Spinel provides a romantic look, feel and value to the jewelry pieces they are created in.

Black spinel jewelry is a part of the spinel family. Black spinel is one of the rarest gemstones within the spinel collection. All of the gemstones in the spinel family range in colors from a vibrant red to a soft sky blue. Each gemstone is unique in their own way, but JTV loves the diversity that the black spinel gemstone has to offer. The specific color of black in spinel jewelry stands out to create a mystic style in one's wardrobe.

Spinel comes from the Latin name "spina". Spina is the Latin word for "thorn". Thorn refers back to the sharpness of a mineral. When crystals form together to a point, the edge of the point is sharp like a thorn. Some also believe that the name comes from the Greek word meaning "spark". This could be referencing how beautiful a spinel gemstone is when it sparkles. Black spinel has an intriguing background which makes black spinel jewelry an even more admirable treasure.

Since black spinel is one of the rarest gemstones in the spinel family, they are not found in as many places as other colors are. Some of the main places that spinels are found are Burma, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, and Madagascar. One of the most important areas where spinel were minded are the Badakhshan mines. The important spinel were minded out of the Badakhshan location.

JTV's gorgeous line of black spinel jewelry allows you to experiment with all kinds of different fun and fashionable looks! Black spinel jewelry consists of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, and they are even offered in a full jewelry set. Black spinel comes designed with dazzling gold accents and lovely silver accents. You can pick and choose which color accent looks best with the amazing black spinel gemstone for your taste.

You will always stand out in a crowd with your eye-catching black spinel jewelry! Black spinel is such a fan favorite because you can pair black spinel with any look you are trying to accomplish. Try JTV's black spinel tennis necklace with a matching tennis bracelet. These jewelry pieces are perfect with a simple dress to show you elegant side. Black spinel jewelry will bring the sparkle to your night out! If you're going for a look that will make you the center of attention, black spinel has incredible bold statement pieces. Add JTV's black spinel sterling silver collar necklace to your collection for a big and beautiful design. It is an amazing option for you if you love a bold look!

Black spinel jewelry is the perfect choice for any jewelry lover. Black spinel jewelry is so rare and so valuable; you need black spinel jewelry in your wardrobe! Dive into our over-the-top selection of black spinel jewelry to find your new favorite jewelry item.